My comments to chiru’s daughter marriage on oniondosa.

This is one of the comments that i have given in oniondosa.
One good thing that i observed in this is that, some one is always monitoring the comments given by people and approving them to show on the blog. This eliminates the controversies between the fan’s of different stars.

My comment:

Anonymous said…
This is much disgusting that chiru’s daughter has taken this foolish god damn decision. I guess he would have agreed, if she was able to convince him better.

What ever done is done….! Now waiting for chiru’s response for this circumstance. I am sure this should have been a bigger shock in chiru’s life.

Well……God always chooses the nice people to show them, what a Difficulty is

Some one’s Reply to my comment:

Some on eon the top have written tha chiru would have agreed if he agrees than he would have done the marriage of his elder daughter with uday kiran only…

He knows only one sentence fans are my life but tell me how many fans get appointment to meet him…

There were days when he even diden’t wave his hand to his fans on road also. I don’t support her daughter also as she is too young to take decision. But i don’t know why u guys keep scolding her that is purely her personal matter and as a father he had failed. no gal goes out of the house until she get vexed of her parents…

I felt some of the sentences above are controversial, and i felt like replying the comment. Here is my reply to that comment.

My reply to the comment:

I do agree with one of the anonymous, “that is purely her personal matter”.

Yeah…you are right. Its her personal matter. But people/media is not treating so.If they treated it as their personal/family matter, you couldn’t have got a chance to write a comment on this blog.

If they make it a public matter, why can’t people comment on that public matter?

So, i dont think people are wrong in commenting a public matter

Awating a reply from the same user.



Intellectual joke

Once all the scientists die and go to
heaven………… They decide
to play hide-n-seek………Unfortunately Einstein is the one who has the den………..He is supposed to count up to 100…and then start searching…..

Everyone starts hiding except Newton………
Newton just draws a square of 1 meter and stands in it right in front of Einstein………..

Einstein’s counting
1,2,3……97,98,99…..100…….. He opens his eyes and finds Newton standing in front……..

Einstein says “newton’s out..newton’s….out…..”
Newton denies and says i am not out……..
He claims that he is not Newton……

All the scientists come out to see how he proves that he is not Newton……….

Newton says “I am standing in a square of area 1m squared….. That makes me Newton per meter squared…… since one Newton per meter squared is one Pascal, I’m Pascal, Therefore Pascal is OUT………..!

DabbaWala Food of North.

The “Dabba wala food of north”. For once i felt like i would have missed my food(south), if am being posted in pune or Mumbai.

I wounder how people are ac costumed to this food. My friend used to wash off every thing else in Chenna Bhaji and eat only the chenna residue.

Thank god i am cooking for myself in chennai.