N73 Music edition Won the Battle.

Dad’s decision to take the new colour mobile lead me to go for a new mobile. I planned to give my old mobile LG2050 to my Dad and take the new one. As i love music very much and even have an interest in photography, i planned to go for a good mobile regardless of its cost.

Thinking this way, i decided the range of the mobile as 14000-18000. The next step is to select the mobile in the same range. Went to different sites like www.univercell.in and www.wavetellmobiles.com

Seeing my roommets (K800i), i wanted to take the same because of its sound clarity. But, as that edition is not released in india, i finally decided to purchase K810i the succeeder of K800i.

I went to wavetell shop and asked for the same mobile. The shopkeeper asked me to come back on the next day K810i is out of stock. At the same, a guy from nokia has shown my the N73 Music edition and its features.

After seeing the demo of N73, i got confused whether to go for it or not. Then started, my manual review process of both the mobiles. I asked many people i know, Mukund, Suajn, Radha krisna, Simson, Prasad, Rajesh etc. Every one almost told to go for Sony ericsson except mukund.

After a long struggle between the N73 music edition and the Sony ericssion K810i, finally N73 won it because of the following reasons.

1) K810i’s Key board is not so good looking and that didnt get the good look.

2) The sound clarity/quality is almost same in both.

3) Nokia N73 Music edition is so good looking. Weight is same for both the pieces.

4) Nokia has two rare speakers, one on top and one on bottom.

5) I got one nokia headphones free with the kit of this phone. The head phones are really superb.

6) One big advantage of nokia is that, they are providing the music play control on the hand’s free cable, which is not there in SE.

I love the features of my mobile and very much satisfied with it. Thank god i didnt go for Sony Erricson.

The following are some of the photo’s that i have taken with my mobile.

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