Quitting Job – A guide

Some time back, when i was going through some of the techie posts in java ranch, i came across a post which was very interesting. This post was by Balaji, a bartender of javaranch. This post doesn’t encourage people to quit the job, but acts as a nice guide for those who quit. Hope you enjoy it…..

People quit their job for so many reasons that HR can’t accumulate.
Some people will have valid reasons and others won’t.

Most of the time, this decision is taken on an emotional situation, so it is normal that people tend to do “exit things” that may fire back them one day.

Make a safe take off and landing. ;) What’s important here is :

  • Don’t literally fight with current boss and resign. Even if you have troubles with him/her, don’t mention that in your resignation letter. Try to have a healthy conversation and see whether you can convey your concerns. If you boss is not ready to listen to your points, then try to convey that to HR people doing the “Exit interview”.
  • Don’t let a small difference in salary decide you to change a job. You never know what future expense you might encounter. Making a job shift for salary reason is inevitable in today lifestyle, so do a proper calculation before you quit.
  • Always keep good contact with your ex-colleagues. The world is small, so you’ll never know who will become boss to whom.
  • Don’t bash about your previous company to your new company. You never know when they will merge and fire you.
  • Make sure you prepare for questions that both the new and old companies asks for. Give factual reasons and keep it simple and short.
  • Make sure you delete your personal details on your computer before you leave the current company. Also make sure you took the backup of documents that you own.
  • First confirm with your boss and then let all your colleagues know.
  • Once you are emotionally out of the situation that made you resign, try to talk to your ex-boss and become a friend to him/her.
  • Even if you get less salary compared to your current previous job, make sure you really like doing that new job.
  • Discuss with your friends and seniors about the new job profile, they might guide you from an outsider perspective.
  • Do talk to the existing colleagues in the new company that you want to join. They will give you some hidden facts about the new company.

These are the tips that I have gathered from my friends and seniors, and you might see some resemblance as well.Once you follow all the above you will be fit to …do the following…

Ha ha ha. Just kidding.Please feel to share your points.


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