HP DV6000 series…….Review

Hi guys,

As usual, let me just start with the answer of the questions “Why, i had to look in to the details of DV6000?”. The answer is that, my cousin wanted to get a laptop from US and he asked me some suggestions on it. With the help of some of the known expert’s, i came to conclusion that HP is better than Sony Vaio. Well, the next step to find which model to buy. Somehow, after a very long search in web, i came to conclusion to suggest this model to my cousin.

And here goes the details/review of it………

? ? ? ? I know your question..!!!! “Are you eligible to give a review on this..??”

The answer is, “Yes, i am.” Because, i went to my friend with the same model and worked on it for some time. 🙂

Hewlett Packard is one of the most prominent manufacturers of notebook computers today, and any trip to Best Buy will make that abundantly clear. Well, as of this writing, one of the notebook PCs they have on sale right now at Best Buy is the HP Pavilion DV6000. My friend picked one up a couple months ago for $870. So, this is certainly an affordable notebook PC. So, how does it perform in everyday use? Let’s check it out.

First, The Specs

In my eyes, the DV6000 is proof that PCs are affordable as hell today. These specs compare quite favorably to my desktop, all in a sub $800 notebook.

  • Intel, dual core processor
  • 3GB DDR2 memory
  • 15.4″ WXGA High-Definition HP BrightView Widescreen Display (1280 x 800)
  • 256MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) Go 7200
  • 250GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-RW with Double Layer Support
  • 1.3 Megapixel Webcam with mic built into screen
  • Altec Lansing speakers built in
  • 3 USB ports, ExpressCard/54 Slot, Video Out, Integrated Consumer IR, 1 RJ-11, 1 RJ-45
  • Windows Vista Home Premium

Now, when you look at this unit on HP’s website, you will see there are different spec configurations for this model. The above happens to be what I have in the unit I am typing this review on.

Use in the Real World

Now, I am not and never have been a big benchmark guy. If you are into computer reviews that load you up with benchmark specs, go to another site. What I am interested in is real world use. I bought this notebook to get work done, not win any contests. So, how does it perform in that regard?

One of the things that sold me on this laptop was the screen. The screen is gorgeous. It is wonderfully bright and clear, and provides a respectable 1280×800 resolution in a widescreen format. Yes, there certainly are notebooks with higher resolution. It really comes down to preference. While other units may give you higher resolution, some may find it hard to read on small screens. For me, I thought 1280×800 was a good resolution to use for a 15.4″ screen. My only complaint with the screen is that the glare is really bad when trying to use the unit outside. It gets so bad that it’s more like looking in a mirror than into a computer screen. Inside, however, the screen is beautiful.

The fact that this unit uses AMD rather than Intel means that it generates more heat. Intel processors just seem to run cooler in notebook computers. All benchmarks aside (because I don’t care), the performance of this notebook is quite good. It actually opens many apps much faster than my desktop PC, which is using an Intel Pentium Core Duo. So, I have no complaints about speed, however, yes, it does generate some heat.

The built-in Altec Lansing speakers will certainly not compare to the larger speakers you would plug in externally, but they do generate a nice sound for the size. For multimedia use, the speakers will get the job done.

The DV6000 comes with a thin, little remote control for use in controlling HP’s multimedia player. HP is using a proprietary multimedia player for playing DVDs called QuickPlay. It ties in with the remote control as well as the QuickPlay buttons on top of the notebook. The player is decent, but many times I found myself simply wanting to use Windows Media Player rather than the QuickPlay popping up full screen. Also, the fact that it is tied into the QuickPlay buttons can be a little annoying at times. Several times I have rested my fingers on the top of the notebook and accidently pressed the DVD button and launched Quickplay. No matter what I’m doing, that interrupts the workflow badly.

For digital photography, I find the built-in card reader really convenient. Since my Canon camera uses SD cards, I can just pull the card out and plug it directly into the notebook to pull images onto the computer. This means I don’t have to track down the USB cable that came with the camera. Nice and easy.

But, It Uses Vista

Like almost every PC on the market today, this unit comes with Windows Vista. Now, on my desktop, I can rattle off a bunch of annoyances with Windows Vista. Many of us that follow technology all the time have many complaints about Vista, and I still stand by the fact that Vista was NOT ready for market upon it’s release. But, judging by the DV6000, Vista does seem to run better on completely proprietary machines. I do have occasional annoyances with Vista on the DV6000.. For example, sometimes it will lose it’s screen resolution settings when coming out of sleep mode. This is an issue with Vista and will be fixed. Other than that, though, Vista runs significantly better on this notebook machine than it does on my desktop. No complaints, really.

Like all pre-built computers, it comes with some pre-installed software. It comes with a 60-day trial installation of Office 2007. Since I don’t care to fork out several hundred dollars just for a ribbon interface, I opted to install OpenOffice, which gets me 95% there for free. The DV6000 comes with some other pre-installed crap, much of it I ended up removing from the computer.

Note to HP

I am pretty happy with the DV6000, but I need to mention a few annoyances for the benefit of HP. When I was at Gnomedex recently, HP was there and we had a lengthy discussion about notebook design. HP does indeed listen to feedback, so here is mine on the DV6000.

  • The QuickPlay buttons at the top are too easy to hit by accident, as I mentioned above. Some obvious way to control or disable those buttons would be nice.
  • We need some kind of anti-glare surface to the screen. It’s practically unusable in sunlight. I realize that the surface it does have plays a role in the crystal clear colors I see indoors, but something has to be done to make this thing more usable in sunlight.
  • AMD is good for economics, but it generates a lot more heat.


The HP Pavilion DV6000 is a really nice, solid notebook computer and you really can’t go wrong with this unit. The price tag makes it very affordable. The unit sports a nice, sleek design and good all-around performance. It also offers a solid balance of features which really makes this entertainment notebook usable as a desktop replacement. In fact, I enjoy it so much I find myself spending more time working on the DV6000 now than I do my main desktop computer.

So, despite a few annoyances, you really can’t go wrong with the DV6000 if you are looking for a solid, balanced work notebook without spending too much money.

Check out the following pics:


34 thoughts on “HP DV6000 series…….Review

  1. Were you able to compare the HP with Dell??
    How good is the support for HP?
    In case of any issues, will we get the parts in India? or do we need to send the LT to US to get it repaired?/

    Awaiting ur reply (because I am also planning to buy a laptop)

  2. @Mukund:

    I would have agreed with you,

    If getYear(CurrectDate)<=2006.

    But now HP has got lots of service centers all over the world. For example in Chennai we have exactly 22 authorized service centres.

    Check out the the link below for the contact details.

    HP Contact Details.

    Weight(Dell) > Weight(HP)

    Hmm..Thanks for looking at my blog.

  3. Hello there…
    Just today i had been to house of laptops…there i saw hp dv 6767 …. its configuration was
    Intel core2 duo 1.83 GHz
    3 GB RAM
    250 GB hdd
    and it had windows vista premium preloaded into it….actually i am a college guy…and i need the laptop for my project…so i need windows xp and ubuntu on it….i was told there that hp dv 6000 series does not have hardware support for windows xp….is it true???
    actually i am planning to buy that and format it with windows xp…..but is this true that it does not provide hardware support for windows xp…..

  4. Hi rehan,

    Thanks for having a look at my blog. Yours is a real nice configuration. I liked it. And here is the answer to your question.

    Hardware support:

    As far as i know, HP will continue to support HARDWARE regardless of what model it is.

    Software support:

    Where as coming to software, HP will only support the operating system that came out of its box. In your case, it supports Vista. But not XP.

    If you are gonna reinstall XP, its your challenge to solve if you face any problems. I suggest not to do that.

    Good luck.

  5. Hi tamirisadp,

    I am also planning to buy a laptop and found your site on google.

    I just wanted to know that does DV6767 comes in just one color that is – Brown ?
    I seen the specs they are superb but i didn’t like the color of it.

    Also please tell me at what price you bought this laptop ? and does that screen problem is a big issue ?

    Waiting for you answers….thanks for this useful info.

  6. @Rohit:

    Thanks for your time to look at my blog.

    This comes only in one color ie., brown (as you said). For your information, i have not yet bought the laptop. I just ordered it for my cousin. It is yet to come.

    Will share you the info once i got it.
    Thanks. keep looking at my blog.

  7. hi.. i came across your blog on google.. i am using dv6767 for the past 1 month now.. and its a wonderful laptop.. i bought it especially coz it has the 256gb dedicated graphics card.. the processor of 1.83 Ghz dual core 2 is not the latest but there isnt much diff b/w 1.83 n 2.1 Ghz when you get 3 gb of ram.. ya the quick play buttons are annoying.. even wen the laptop is off and u touch the quickplay button its gonna power on itself.. in all it was a great value for money.. latest games like Medal of Honour and Call of Duty working beautifully on it.. 🙂

  8. Hi

    Its a master piece…great value for money

    The only drawbacks that i encountered

    1) Cannot reinstall XP.

    2) Even wen the laptop is off and u touch the quickplay button its gonna power on itself..to me it seems to be an disadvantage and would rather suggest HP to rethink and come out with features that can be enabled and disabled by the user.

  9. Hi Ryaz,

    Thanks for the feedback. But what do you mean by your first point?

    Did you mean, you can not reinstall the OS on it..??
    Is it so..??

  10. hi.. all

    i have gone through all the comments n reply for Hp 6767 model..

    Even i am also going to buy this model.. but my dealer told me we can install XP on it ..

    Will share my view after seeing the running xp on this laptop


  11. Hi tamirisadp

    Its designed only for VISTA operating system and u cannot install XP and HP does not support in doing so… if u r a XP lover then u better rethink as of know i am getting used to VISTA …

  12. Guys,

    I don’t think you can install XP on it. We will wait for ritesh to reply on his experience.

    FYI… I know a model in Lenovo on which XP will also work.

  13. i heard vista doesn’t support softwares like corel, photoshop, flash, illustrator. so watz the use of using vista

  14. Hey guys,
    First of all HP Pavilion Special Edition Dv6767TX, Does not support XP,
    Next,I have Windows Vista x64 installed on the same model and it runs un-expectedly well…..I think its the best machine for Vista.
    If you have any questions, feel free as iam a proud owner of the same model.

  15. HI i want to buy this 1 but im scared of something ? do alllll games work on it ?i see the vga 256 whY??? DO ALLL GAMES WORK ON IT ?LIKE PRO STREET CAERBON SPIDERMAN 3 SAN ANDREAS ??/ ALLL WORK ?DOES IT RUN all the latest games ????please reply on my email

    nadine-moussa@hotmail.com ????im waiting .

  16. Hello Nandine,

    Don’t worry. Just go ahead. As far as I know, every thing all your games that you are talking about should work properly. And especially this Laptop is meant for your purpose.

    But again, do it on your own risk. [;)]. You may want to check with any other expert.


  17. ok…gr8 info….but a few basic queries….

    wanna buy a laptop…1 of the following….vich shuld i choose….

    dv6767tx – gr8 features….mkt price of 59500 (in reach) but hate that copper color….a lotttt

    dv3005tx- 13.3″ screen and luks gud….but nly 2gb rm…is it k to go wt the bare minimum…priced at 60k (in reach)

    tx2009- butiful…gr8 features….gr8 luks….price at 59k (in reach agn)
    will find utility fr wrting on it to…but am unfamiliar wt tablet pc’s evn after reserch as its not very common in india…oh and also nvidea 6150 vich is a drawbk….

    need 1 for movies..songs…heavy dwnloading….n sm games too….
    thanks to whuever replies…

  18. oh and tx2009 nly has a 4 cell battery and runs 1.5 hrs….its biggest drawbk …else wuld hv bought it….

  19. Hey! I bought da same lappy, awesome….can someone tell me da framerates of some famous fps games on it? Thnks

  20. Your blog cleared my confusions on dv6767….now i have a simple question…..can the license of Vista 32bit be used for the 64bit version??…..i am thinking of installing it on the dv6767….pls tell me how to go about it

    Your blog cleared my confusions on dv6767….
    Thanks for the complement.

  21. I took dv6000 lappy with vista homo premium editor. I want to have windows 2003 server in that. But, when I booted the system with Windows 2003 Enterprise Editor cd, it is showing a msg that “not able to detect hard disk”. Did anybody installed any other OS? Is there any way get out of the above msg?

  22. it is showing a msg that “not able to detect hard disk”

    This generally shouldn’t be. Not sure of why is it showing so. I have friend who has windows 2003 server on this lappy.

  23. I am an owner of hp dv6767tx. Battery life sucks big time, keep wifi on & its dead in <2hrs. I made a foolish decision buying it. i cant carry this everyday in my hand coz of its 3kg wt. This lappy is for entertainment purposes & for it, its great but portability etc is not its forte. damn 😐

  24. Total crap, HP DV6767TX is no way a sub $800 Laptop computer. Neither is it based on an AMD processor as the author mentions. Dude read your Specs.

  25. I have hp dv6000 with AMD Turion64 and Nvidia.

    These hp dv6000 series has been having issues with lots of consumer (1 out of 7, I read somewhere).

    I have the dv6324us. Got it May 2007 with the Windows Vista. I had to reboot at least 3 times before it would actually work (which mean using up at least 30 minutes of my time). If I left it on but put down the monitor, and try to use it again even after just 30 minutes, I would have to boot it up again (x3). Could not bring it back to the store because hubby lost the receipt. After about two weeks of frustrating time-wasting, I asked my husband (he is quite geeky) to install Linux and XP on it (dual-boot) and it worked “perfectly”. I thought it was perfect compared to the earlier frustrations, until I read more problems connected to this laptop. This year, it died roughly about 3 mos after warranty expired (1-yr), as in, the blue lights are up, I could hear a short hum, some short beeps when I touch the blue lights, but monitor is black. Tried external monitor, same thing. Tried to reboot, same thing. So in the past week I had been searching for possible solutions (I’d hate to replace it with a new laptop when it has not reached two years!), and saw the many problems associated with it. In retrospect now, I see other problems that I have had in using this laptop: on and off detection of wireless network, battery heating up too soon so my laptop would shut off suddenly (especially when watching DVD on it), and lately, battery just would not recharge enough, that I had to have it plugged in all the time when I used it.

    In searching for solution, I came across the service enhancement program of HP and saw my product listed there eligible for repair. I called and said the problem about the monitor failure (which was included in the symptoms expected in this series), but failed to mention all the other problems I have had in the past when I was still able to use it. I was told to send in only the notebook minus the adapter and battery. So I called them again (1-866-671-7362) to add these issues and they edited their documentation so that now I will send battery and power adapter as well (and that I should receive them back too along the with notebook; if not, then I can ask them to send to me those two items).

    I also mentioned my concern about repeated failures despite repairs — how long will I be eligible for free repairs [should be up to May 2009 as per their webpage on the service enhancement program or up to 90 days after (the last) free repair] , how many times can I send my notebook for repairs [up to 3 times, then if it fails again, my case will be escalated to a case manager and I will be eligible for replacement]. I was offered to purchase for $149.00 an extension of my warranty (from date of purchase) to cover an additional year from date of purchase of warranty (not of product) which sounded silly to me because my 24-month limited warranty (per their program) will cover me until May 2009. If I purchase the extension now, the coverage will start counting from today so it will last until Sept 29, 2009. The difference then would be an additional coverage of 4 months from May 2009 (orig 24-month warranty expires). No way I would pay $149 for that short extension!!! I might just buy a new non-HP laptop next.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed on this, but I am expecting lots of frustration.

    One thing for sure, my next laptop will NEVER be an HP!

  26. HP DV6767tx——————

    1. I have dv6767tx and i am also getting the same error “not able to detect hard disk” during installation of winXP…..

    2. One problem i am facing when i use internet on it.
    -> When i connect the internet using wifi device, everything works perfectly fine.

    -> when i use Lan cable for internet use, images on internet explorer are blurred for every site.

    -> The above same problem i am facing when i connect internet from TATA Indicom data card.

    Can anybody check the same with wifi and LAN cable or with tata indi USB/DATA card and reply me the results…..

    I want to know that this problem is only with me or somebody else facing the same problem on HP DV6767TX machine…

  27. I have the HP DV6000, It seems to skip every 4 letters when typing. For example if typing in michael it will result like (haelmic) Can someone shed some light on this issue for me? Thanks.

  28. hi ppl,
    i hav a hp 6767 tx model its hardly been 9 months since i bougth my laptop…. n i had to replace my cd drive n my HDD… i had to go to d service centre 5 times this month alone…. n in the service centre they reinstalled d os around 4 times coz i keep gettin “windows is not respondin” n now its been 15 days again m havin such problems….. wat do i do now??? is there any prob wit the hard drive or wat i don understand,… buying this feels like big headache for me…….

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