Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

Disclaimer: If you don’t like Folk-Rock, this post is not for you.

Hi folks,

I have added one more disc/album in to my JukeBox. None other than “Fast Car”. This song has caught my attention, when i first listened to it. See the lyrics of it in my lyrics blog. You can even download it from the same location. Hope you will enjoy it.

The following is the small introduction about Tracy.

Tracy Chapman on the cover of her self-titled album Tracy Chapman (born March 30, 1964) is an African American singer-songwriter, best known for classic singles “Fast Car,” “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution,” and “Give Me One Reason.” Cleveland-born Chapman began playing guitar and writing songs as a child. She received a scholarship through Chance that allowed her to attend Wooster School in Connecticut, and was eventually accepted to Tufts University in Boston.


My first post in this blog

Hi all,

The day was very boring.Watching India – Australia cricket match. I suddenly thought of krishashok’s blog. Then, an idea has come in to my mind “Why don’t i have a new wordpress blog?” . This thought made me step in to wordpress.

I will look forward to post a very efficient and very good stuff here. Untill then.