Not able to open windows hard drives ? Here is a fix.

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I recently formatted my PC to get rid of a Malware called tavo0.dll. But after that I faced another problem in my Windows. Here is the problem description.


When you try to open any of your Hard Drive partitions, the “open with”  window will be open.


I gave a search in the Google and found the solution for this problem very easily.

Follow the set of commands below to show and delete the autorun.inf

1. Open Start>>Run and type cmd and press enter. This will open a command prompt window. On this command prompt window type the following steps.

2. type cd\

3. type attrib -r -h -s autorun.inf

4. type del autorun.inf

5. now type d: and press enter for d: drive partition. Now repeat steps 3 and 4. Similarly repeat step 5 for all your hard disk partition.

Restart your system and your trouble will be fixed.

Hope this helps for some one who is facing this problem.




Those who influenced me – Part 1

Hello Guys,

As promised in my previous post, I am back with an interesting post. This post is about few personalities in this world that influenced millions of people like me. The source of this post will be TIME 100 Influential people of 2008. Reading the TIME Magazine has become by favorite part time of recent days and I am almost addicted to this magazine. For those who are already the frequent readers of TIME magazine, please treat this as my running notes for a session on TIME 100 of 2008.

When I just had a glance at the 100 people that are listed in this magazine, I realize that i knew very few of them. I really felt ashamed that I didn’t know much about these great people. I will talk about few people whose life and achievements are really awesome and impressed me a lot.

Dalai Lama:

Dalai Lama, 72 of tibet is known for this non-violent fight against china to free the TIBET from their hand. He is the one who is following the Gandhian path to get this done.

China’s rulers aren’t like the British masters of colonial India, and the Dalai Lama’s Gandhiesque nonviolent struggle won’t give them twinges of conscience, leading to Tibet’s freedom. If anything, Beijing has grown more ruthless in suppressing Tibetan aspirations, as we’ve seen this Olympic year. And yet he has found a way to think kindly of those who oppress his people and vilify his name. I found him unwilling to show any harshness.

He said , “I don’t dislike the Chinese, only their actions”.

This one sentence shows his kindness to this world and that has created in me a lot of respect towards him.

Barak Obama:

Heard a lot of this guy in the recent times as he was one of the persons, who was running as a Presidential candidate along with Hillay Clinton. Also as per The Nostradamus Code, this is guy is going to rule U.S.A and will also be a key for the initiation of World war III.

Barack, 46, has already changed American politics. We often hear about the size of the crowds he attracts, as a measure of the excitement about his candidacy. It’s the variety of the crowd that is the real phenomenon: little kids who sit on the floor in front of the podium, and the 101-year-old gentleman who stood up from his wheelchair in Iowa and said, “I’m with him too.” Farmers in overalls next to people in business suits. Every race, religion and creed. Every political party and no party at all.

You can feel their excitement about being in Barack’s presence—and about being in the presence of one another. They glimpse for a minute what it might be like to find common cause across differences. That’s how Barack has changed politics.

He also was the author of many best selling books of America. Check out this link for all of his books.

Hillary Clinton:

I know Hillary as just another Presidential candidate running in competition to Obama. Other than that I don’t know much about her except some news regarding U.S election which I rarely watch in the television. But there is alot to know about this Presidential lady.

She really has done a lot to the U.S’s children. Rob Reiner, a noted political activist, anchor, director and producer, says

There is no more courageous, passionate and committed fighter for our nation’s children.

Hillary, 60, has worked her whole life to improve the lives of America’s children. She knows that through quality health care and a strong education system America’s children will be prepared to succeed in tomorrow’s jobs.

Jacob Zuma:

Jacob Zuma, the president of African national congress, and Thabo Mbeki were once friends and allies, but they fell out around 2002, allegedly because Mbeki, South Africa’s inscrutable President, suspected that Zuma was plotting to replace him.

The power struggle that ensued was a peculiar affair, its very existence denied by the ruling African National Congress (ANC). When Zuma was dismissed from the deputy presidency and later charged with corruption and rape, his followers were convinced that their man was the victim of an Mbeki-inspired vendetta. (He was acquitted of the rape charges; the corruption charges are still being investigated.)

The controversies didn’t hurt Zuma, 66, an unabashed populist who revels in traditional African polygamy—he has several wives—and whose massive rallies feature the Zulu anthem Bring Me My Machine Gun. His pro-poor rhetoric resonates with many ordinary South Africans who have not benefited from Mbeki’s business-friendly policies. That explains how he easily trounced Mbeki in an internal vote last fall to become the ANC’s chairman, a victory that has put him on track to win South Africa’s presidency next year. Many party elders are horrified that such a man should step into shoes once occupied by Nelson Mandela, but they can’t deny that he has achieved an African rarity: the peaceful overthrow of a powerful incumbent.

Sonia Gandhi:

When I first had a look at the front page of TIME 100, I was very curious to search for an Indian (I am very patriotic by the way) in the list of 100. To my luck, I was able to find few in that list.

Sonia Gandhi, 61, President of Indian national congress is one of them. I never expected that an italian lady can take the Indian politics in to her hand and drive it to the heights of success.

Sonia Gandhi came to India with his husband Rajiv Gandhi (Late), dynamic and very successful Politician of India. The couple has enjoyed their years of bliss, until the prince is obliged, in painful circumstances, to take over the kingdom and discovers the harsh realities of ruling a turbulent realm, culminating in the unspeakable tragedy of his murder.The queen retreats into silence and mourning until the insistent supplications of her courtiers compel her to emerge and once again take the destiny of the kingdom into her hands.

For the queen, offered the crown on a brocade cushion, turns it down. She prefers to remain behind the throne, walking with the peasantry, rallying the people but leaving power in the hands of her gray-haired viziers. She was always behind the scenes acting as a president of Indian National Congress, and was taking part in making the crucial decisions about the country. The story of Sonia Gandhi, 61, is remarkable at every level, and the fairy-tale metaphor barely begins to scratch the surface of its extraordinariness.

To be continued… my Part 2,

Durga Prasad

Using Oracle + Java5 ? Beware, a bug is waiting for u.

Hi Guys,

I am back with a techie post. During my recent blog search I found an interesting post about a bug regarding the oracle JDBC driver. For those who are not Java guy’s please turn off your sight from this post. And for those, who are still interested to know about JDBC, check this out. And a driver is nothing but a java class which will take the responsibility to provide you the required stuff to access the database from your java program.

If you are using oracle as your database and want to upgrade your Java App to Java 5, Just be careful. There was a recent BUG that is reported to Oracle. Here we go in to the details of it.

Create a Simple table:





Say your java code goes as shown below……


Oracle version 9.2, java version 1.5. JDBC driver is ojdbc14.jar provided from oracle.

If you try to run the following query…. Stay calm …. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED.

Select * from TEST_TABLE;



If you observe correctly, one zero is missing in the above result. And it is some times even worse. It sometimes may give 12, 1250…etc. This bug has been reported to oracle and Oracle replied saying that this is because of the change in the way that BigDecimal.toString() method behaves in JAVA 5.

To know more about this click the following link.

For those who are bored with this techie post,

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There is some thing interesting coming in.

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Durga Prasad