Salam G4S (A reaction on an incident).

Hi All,

Last week has been a hectic week. Did lot of work, worked in a mixed shift(Morning+General+After Noon Shift) after a long time. I didn’t even have much time to sleep and to do other activities. The work is a bit cool now and finally got a chance to re-look at my blog.


This post is about one of the situations that has happened today morning in my office. A group of people from a particular relation, have been screaming at a security person just because he wanted to check their bags (Its his duty).

Our office will be secured day and night by G4S security services. All these guys came down straight away from Bhubaneswar to protect 5000 associates of our office. Their duties include the following things…….

  1. They Manage the buses that are going OUT and coming IN.
  2. They Check every associate, if they have ID card or not. (To restrict any alien to allow in the office).
  3. They make sure every associate swipes their card before entering in to their quadrants.
  4. They check the baggage, if any, of the associates. (To protect from any unwanted dangerous materials to enter in to the building).
  5. They Maintain the register of all the associates at every door entrance in each floor of the building.
  6. They welcome the big heads (Clients etc..) with their lovely professional band music.

I was really angry with one of the situations that has happened this morning. There was a group of people who used to come by a particular bus every day (They even control the driver of that bus). Today, when there entering the office building, as usual THE SECURITY asked a Guy in that group to open the bag and the show the things inside (I was walking behind him).

To my surprise, that guy started screaming at him using all the bad words in his own local language (which the security couldn’t understand). In reply security told him “This is an instruction from the admin sir? Its our duty….”. That still didn’t stop screaming at him and continued to do that….

I, witnessing all this, was thinking to react in the situation. But, for one sec I felt that there will be no use if I react at that point of time. So, I thought I would escalate this to the higher official. I felt very pity about the Hindi speaking security personal. Once the arrogant guy left that place, I went to security and spoke to him for a minute and expressed my concern to the mis-happening.

The security personal told me in Hindi with a gentle smile on his face “Hum ko har rooj aisa hi hota hein !!!!! sir….” (This will happen every day to us sir). Hmmm…..How bad is this..?? Why would some body want to check what is inside someone’s bag..?? What wrong in opening your bag..??

The security is working for us Day and night with out even having a seat (They have instructions not to sit during the duty hours). They are at least doing their duty. And without them, my corporate can not be called as a secured place to work.

I decided to escalate this to the higher official and called up an ADMIN head as soon as I reached my workplace. I explained him clearly about the things that are happening in the bus (controlling the driver) and also about the incident that happened with the security guy. He listened to me carefully and asked me the details of the people who are doing this nonsence and reacted well by implementing all the necessary steps. Whewwwwwwww….I am now cool (After reacting to this). I am sure that group will never repeat this once again.

Punch lines:

I start my day with ONE MINUTE TALK to the security person standing outside my quadrant.

I respect them as a fellow human being

I would react to the situations similar to the one explained above.

I would always be thankful to them as they are working day and night for me.

Salam G4S. Thanks for your service. Thanks alot.


I would be interested, if someone out there can tell me your reaction, if you witness such a situation in your life.


Durga Prasad.


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