My First Trek (To Nagalapuram/Eastern Ghats)-Day1

Hi All,

I am back with an excited post. This is about a Trek to an Eastern Ghats last weekend. (19th and 20th of July). I think this is one of the very exciting weekends in my life. And Yes, I can never forgot this splendid moment. “TREK” would actually be a new word in the dictionary of my life. I have never gone for the trek before. And I never had any idea that Trek can be this exciting. As soon as I came to know about Chennai Trekkers the next thing that i have done is registering with that club. I came to know from Mukund that there is a  trek organized by Chennai Trekkers to Eastern Ghats. I decided finally to go along with mukund to the trek.

It was morning 4.00 clock on Saturday (July 19), I got up from bed and  got fresh up. All set to start to CMBT. Before that, i checked all the stuff as per the checklist provided in chennai trekkers blog. Reached CMBT at around 5.10 by an auto. The first CTC member i met was Raveen. With in few minutes, the Gang assembled there near the footpath before the CMBT Bus stand. Perter took over and shacked hands with couple of new CTC members. All the vehicle less participants have been adjusted to different vehicles and finally we started.

Day 1:

The Guys on the back of the bikes have camera’s in their hand’s shooting different creative pics. I was in the back seat of Mukund’s bike with a helmet and a camera in my hand. We traveled along NH5 at the speed of 60-70. During the travel to the actual Trek place, I enjoyed the nature around and the bike feats done my Kannan. On the way we stooped at a hotel to have breakfast and the packed lunch for Saturday. We also bought the water bottles for all the participants which are been accommodated in peter’s Scorpio. At this hotel I met a french guy named Lionel, who came down to India to explore it and is doing his B.Tech in SRM University.

We, then started to reach base of the hill and unpacked all the luggage and distributed the food packets to every one. That is where we parked our vehicles and spoke to a local person to look after these bikes. We, then started with our race to the pinnacle of the Eastern Ghats.  The line is headed by Peter and then followed by the regular trekkers like Arul, Ram, Shreedhar, and Divya.

After we crossed the newly build dam, we started getting in to the forest. We were walking under  a hot sun and some deep bushes. We kept on moving until we get a small pool with no much of deepness.

This is our first halt in this trek. We just had a first refreshing face wash in that small pool and headed to the target pool which is around 300 meters high from the sea level. Here started the slope and we kept on walking on the hot rocks watching the beautiful nature around. We always followed the line and kept on following each other. Every body was very excited to see the pool and just jumped in to it. We stayed there for around one and a half hour. I enjoyed a lot in the pool along with the other swimmers. There were some terrific divers among our troop, who enjoyed jumping from the big rock in the middle of the pool.

Some have enjoyed taking the photographers of the divers with their SLR cameras. And some have enjoyed taking the bath in the water fall. After we spent some time  there at the pool, filled out water bottles and started to our next destiny, which is the pinnacle of the mountain 614 meters above the sea level.

Here is where, I feel, the actual trek starts. As we kept on climbed up the hill of 45 Degrees slope, the sweat started burning out of our bodies. To keep this cool, as expected, the rain has started wetting us. We initially  have set a temporary tent, but then started traveling in the rain as it never ends. Every step was very careful as the place is very slippery. Guys have taken lots of breaks in the middle.  The rain didn’t stop yet and we didn’t stop our journey yet.  As we kept on moving across the deep jungle, we came to an open area  were we were able to see the sunlight again.  We stopped there for a few minutes to enjoy the barking sun out of the black clouds. A sip of Glucon-D had saved us all along the way to get the instant energy and keep on moving up the mountain.

“Move move move move move move” , “Go Go Go Go Go Go”, “Come on Guys Move on Move on Move On” were the different slogans for all of us during our trek. After a long along the grassy steep mountain, we finally reached the top of the hill 613 meters high at 6:00 PM. By that time guys are so tired and just fell down in an open place to take a nap. The pinnacle is ellipse in shape and our next mission is to find out a flat place to setup our tents to stay tonight. We finally set up the tents and next step is have dinner. As the floor is wet that night, we were not able to make the camp fire and every body have switched on their torches. We opened out Teepla packets and enjoyed the dinner together. After that everybody went back in to their own tents and slept off. Before I sleep, we (Me, mukund, peter, vivek, Mony and Divya) have played a game named Uno that was very interesting. We slept off in the tent with the same wet clothes. The Day1 of out Trek is over.

My Second day was very adventurous……. That will be my next post.


Durga Prasad


6 thoughts on “My First Trek (To Nagalapuram/Eastern Ghats)-Day1

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  2. Hi Durga

    Awesome pictures! The most obvious thing amongst them was the colour and the vibrancy! You look like you had a blast! 🙂

    sply loved 3,4 pics!!

    i wanna do trekking,havent done tat yet :(..

    neways..seems like u r back completely rejuvenated. 🙂 Happy for u !

  3. Hey Vyshu,

    “seems like u r back completely rejuvenated” . Thanks for this.

    That was really a great weekend.I still feel that i am standing on one of those highest view points, from where you can see that the EARTH IS ROUND IN SHAPE. Haan…Splendid.

    You might want to check out the complete pics in My Picasa album.

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