Srinivasan Makes it to Kuppam.

Dear All,

Here come’s one more success story of a kid’s relocation. This is all about  a kid named “Srinivasan” of kupppam that I have recently relocated.

The kid was studying 8th standard in an English medium school of kuppam. A person took him out of his home telling him that he will show him a movie shooting in Goa. The kid being betrayed  by him came along with him. And as usual he left the kid some where in some unexpected situations.

This kid’s relocation was not at all a tough job. All I have done is that i spoke to him for around 10Min. That is it. He has given the clear address, his fathers name, mothers name, the school he is studying, and also the phone number of his neighbors. I came to know that his father is Dumb and so, I called the neighbor and spoke to his mother.

Got a very good response from his mother and neighbors. His mother was very happy with this and said that she will be starting to Chennai the next day. I have given her the address of GBH and explained her all other formalities.

Hope to relocate more kids from GBH.


Durga Prasad


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