An adventerous return from office

Hello All,

This is about one of the very bad experiences that I had yesterday during my return from office. I would rather call it an adventure than an experience. Hope every one is aware of the cyclone name NISHA in tamil nadu due to which, the roads in Chennai had to become rivers, chennai corporation may had to launch CITY BOATS in place of CITY BUSSES, All schools and colleges had to declare the holyday for 2 days, All the IT organizations had to Shut down their PC’s and servers, and ofcourse all the shop keepers had to say back at home.

If any one doesn’t have any info about this… Here are the links for you.\ptisite.nsf/0/EC740D46C9B48C066525750F0038B1B2?OpenDocument



If all of you can zoom off your mind from all those links, I have some thing very funny to share wid you all. Aaaaah….!!! I still can not stop my laugh. Yesterday, as usual I started to office at 10.00 in the morning in a horrible weather. Since it was office bus, I was able to reach office safely. Later since we got a mail form the HR to leave office as early as possible because of the expected heavy rain, I started at 5.00PM from office. But, My attempt was unsuccessful because of the heavy rush in the office bus at that time. 


So, being very smart, I went back to quadrant and continued my work. Once it is 7.00 PM, I cached another bus to my place and the bus had started safely. In just a 5 min, the rain started like hell and it almost drowned 1/4 of the bus all along the way. After reaching some distance, to my surprise, I could see all the busses that have started earlier standing there for the clear way. As per the information we get from somebody over there, It seems that there was a big traffic jam at some point 4-5 KM far away from where we are. So, the bus is expected to stand there on the road for another 3-4 hours. In a span of 1 hr that I waited in the bus, the bus had just moved a distance of 1 meter. 

I repeat…. Its just ONE METER.

Experiencing that, I decided to start my march in the water on the road. I, with one of my collegue, walked along the road until we reach the nearest railway station. To re-phrase the previous sentence in reality, 

We swam against the stream of rain water until we reach the nearest railway station. 

If you are wondering about the distance details, its about 4-5 Km. I was actually reminded of the adventure trek that I had participated some time back with Chennai Trekkers. Yeah… This is no different than a trek except the lack of sloppy hill range and the cool breeze.

Hmm.. And finally after a journey of 5 1/2 hours, I reached home safely. And right at that point, I decided not to go to office the next day.

Here are some of the consequences because of this cyclone in chennai

1) Frequent Power Off’s.

2) Major commercial and House hold area’s like Velachery, saligramam are full of water.

3) The people living in the ground floors of the low lying area’s are forced to vacate their houses immediately.

4) A canal outflow near saligramam drowned 3/4th of saligramam. 

5) Government had declared holiday for all schools and govt organizations.

6) Water didn’t leave entering the giant IT parks as well. 

Having experienced this, My Dear readers…..

I suggest you not to take a chance to leave home in a bad weather.

So, All you chennites, Take care.

Stay at home. 


Durga Prasad.



Busy mode of my IT life.


Being experienced 3 years of IT (Information Technology) life, I started to feel the weight of it. This is because of differnet reasons like increase in responsibility, Increase in work, Office being too far from my room, Too much time to travel to office, etc. When I started writing this post, I was reminded of  a Telugu song titled “Busy life…..! Busy Life…..! Busy life busy life… Student life”. But now I was thinking that the student life is the best of all time and the busy life is the Job life. For me, it is IT life.

I was reminded of my +2 days, where in I used to get up at 4.30 AM to study, and come back home only at 11.00PM. I still remember those days when I literally fought with my mom that I will not wake up at 4.30 AM. Think about it …… If I had to wake up at 4.30 in the morning, my mom used to wake up atleast half an hour before to get me up from my bed. 

And in this mode of my life, my mom is not staying with me to wake me up on time and make every thing ready for me. It me who has to do every thing and believe me………….. Its hectic some times. Whewwwwww…!!!!! I still am not able to compromise on the concept of “Early to bed, Early to raise” as Mahatma Gandhi Says. I have customized the same statment as per my convinence as “Late to bed, Late to raise”. I was intensively trying to get up early from a long time, and it is still not possible. Since my managers are kind enough to accept my custom timings of 11.30 AM to <Any time>PM, I am able to survive better. 

And yes, The travel to the office is the biggest issue that I am facing these days. Almost, three and a half hours of my precious day is simply getting wasted with the noisy travel through the roads of chennai. And since, the office is some where outside the city, I was not in a position to change my room there. And about GBH, its been weeks I had been to GBH. And even no plans of going for next few weeks because of my busy schedule on my weekends. 

So Finally, I think we may have to get used to the busy schedules of our lives and start enjoying busyness itself.

May be I talked lot of nonsence in this post. But, its just a try to express my situation.

Have  a nice Day !!!!


Durga Prasad

Blog is almost gone……

Hello all,

I know that this blog is almost dead from a long time. And in the mean while some time back when i tried to hit my blog’s url, To my surprise I got a message “The blog is temperoraly suspended!!!!!”. I was simply shocked to see that message. When I logged in to my account, I had a big RED warning on the top saying “We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolvethe issue and re-enable posting”. With out any other thought, I clicked on that link and mailed WordPress with my apologies. I also mentioned that “If I had not agreed any T&C of wordpress, thats because of the mistake not by intension”. Thank God, wordpress is kind enough to give my content back, removing the exceptional content.

So My DEAR viewers,

WordPress is not the place where you can copy the content some where from WEB and paste it in the blog. Please be aware of what you are posting and make sure that what ever you post is legal as per wordpress.This is a very good experience for me and I hereby assure that there will not be any content in my blog that disagree’s the term’s and conditions of WordPress.

I appreciate the excellent monitoring done by WordPress.


Durga Prasad.