Busy mode of my IT life.


Being experienced 3 years of IT (Information Technology) life, I started to feel the weight of it. This is because of differnet reasons like increase in responsibility, Increase in work, Office being too far from my room, Too much time to travel to office, etc. When I started writing this post, I was reminded of  a Telugu song titled “Busy life…..! Busy Life…..! Busy life busy life… Student life”. But now I was thinking that the student life is the best of all time and the busy life is the Job life. For me, it is IT life.

I was reminded of my +2 days, where in I used to get up at 4.30 AM to study, and come back home only at 11.00PM. I still remember those days when I literally fought with my mom that I will not wake up at 4.30 AM. Think about it …… If I had to wake up at 4.30 in the morning, my mom used to wake up atleast half an hour before to get me up from my bed. 

And in this mode of my life, my mom is not staying with me to wake me up on time and make every thing ready for me. It me who has to do every thing and believe me………….. Its hectic some times. Whewwwwww…!!!!! I still am not able to compromise on the concept of “Early to bed, Early to raise” as Mahatma Gandhi Says. I have customized the same statment as per my convinence as “Late to bed, Late to raise”. I was intensively trying to get up early from a long time, and it is still not possible. Since my managers are kind enough to accept my custom timings of 11.30 AM to <Any time>PM, I am able to survive better. 

And yes, The travel to the office is the biggest issue that I am facing these days. Almost, three and a half hours of my precious day is simply getting wasted with the noisy travel through the roads of chennai. And since, the office is some where outside the city, I was not in a position to change my room there. And about GBH, its been weeks I had been to GBH. And even no plans of going for next few weeks because of my busy schedule on my weekends. 

So Finally, I think we may have to get used to the busy schedules of our lives and start enjoying busyness itself.

May be I talked lot of nonsence in this post. But, its just a try to express my situation.

Have  a nice Day !!!!


Durga Prasad


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