Bye Bye 2008. Welcome 2009.

Hello All,

It is just been 2 hours that we entered in to a new year 2009. So, let me wish you all happy and prosperous new year.

Just because we entered in to 2009, we can not ignore the achievements and experiences in 2008. 2008 is been pretty good with me and it gave me much of exposure to lot of things personally and professionally. I would love to thank each and every person that is been so kind to help me grow my character.

2008 started a bit sad for me because of the unexpected performance rating in my profession. The same led me to go to depression for quite some time because of which I  lost the interest almost on every thing during this time. I then started slowly coming out of that mood by involving myself in involving myself in different team related activities. I involved much better in Government Boys Home Activities in 2008 and I hope to improve better in the coming years. Apart of this, I got a better chance to improve my leadership skills by involving in some of the project related activities.

The trek to Nagalapuram is one of the highlights in 2008. I still remember the moment when I was standing on those hills enjoying the fresh/cool breeze from the forest. There are few other outings along with my colleagues which I enjoyed well in 2008. On top of all these things, the important thing in 2008 is that my sister’s marriage got fixed with a very good groom. I hope/wish her married life will go smoothly and happily.

One more important thing to talk in 2008 is my relation with a lovely traditional telugu family that stays in Chennai. I met my 10th classmate’s family here at Chennai in 2007. Starting that time, I became very much close to the two chubby cute twin kids of that family, who literally treat me as a part of thier family. They used to call me frequently and make me smile with their chubby talks.

With this note, I would like to take a break in this first post in 2009.




Durga Prasad


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