Back to the childhood to celebrate Pongal.

Hello All,

Let me wish you all a Happy and great pongal. This day is a new year day for Tamil Nadu and so let me wish all the chennites A happy new year as well.

Well, I didn’t get a chance to go home for this pongal 😦 as I am “perserving” my leaves for sister’s marraige. Being alone in the room, I was just thinking of my pongal celebrations during my childhood days. Ofcourse, those were the sweetest days of everyones life.

My memories flashed back to my childhood days of 5-6th standard. Normally during those days the atmosphere used to be very cold than usual becuase of the two lakes very near to my home in Tenali. We are around 6 kids and all are of my age or less than that. Our temple used to be the  playground for all of us. Since our home is located pretty near to farm fields, all the tractors and lorry’s used to pass by my home.

We use to gather early morning at around 4.30 to 5.00 o’clock and prepare a camp fire (traditionally called Chali Manta in telugu) to get rid of cold. More than escaping from cold, we make use of this as a way out to have fun together with lots of silly games. So, Its our usual practice to make a camp fire every morning. But, for us to  make the fire we have to collect the dried grass from different places.

Ofcourse, The best place to collect are the tractors that return from the fields. So, this used to be a very tough competition between those 6 kids. Everybody used to have a very keen motto of collecting the grass on their own and whoever collects more (on that day) will get lots of claps the next day morning during the camp fire. Thank god that all the tractor drivers that return from fields, take a break extactly before my house (Because we have a public pump befre my house :)). Hence, me and my sister always used to crouch in to those halted tractors during the abscense of the driver and steel the grass in it. So, at the end of the day we were the winners of the game. 🙂

During bhogi (the day before the festival of pongal), it used to be a master camp fire (Bhogi Manta) where all our family members would also participate. We, the kids, used to preserv lot of grass from previous three days. Apart of it, My dad also used to ask the farmers to get some from the fields. So, By the next day morning, suddenly a BIG lot of grass appears before us for the camp fire. You don’t believe me, that was the time which we were utmost happy to see such a big amout of it. (Sounds so funny if i think now). Because… More the grass ! More is the time to Burn ! and so More is the fun ! 🙂 🙂

Apart of this, We used to fly lot of kite’s on top my building. We used to go to the small water storages near by for fishing.  We were never successful in catching a fish but were always successfull in geting scoldings from our parents. 🙂

Those were the best days of my life….. (I feel like singing this Brain Adams’s Biggest hit ).

Gone are those days. Now the times are changing with every thing artificial. I am afraid If I will be able to explain to the next generation (my kids) “What is Sankranthi? What is Bhogi ?” etc etc…..!

Whew….! Enough going to flash back. Just Zoom back to present.

Once again Happy Pongal and Have a nice day.


Durga Prasad




4 thoughts on “Back to the childhood to celebrate Pongal.

  1. Hey Durga..
    Makara Sankranthi Subhakanchalu..Staying away from home on a festive day, makes us to cherish our memories..
    I came across ur blog, wen I was searching for controversy abt Tamil New Year ..
    U r wishing New year to Tamils?? No re.. Our New year day is on April14(Chithrai 1st).. Thiru.Karunanidhi doesn’t ve any rights to change our new year day. Its like somebody comes n tell u this is not ur dad, mom,so..n so…
    Do u accept if they change Telugu New Year??

    • Hello Aiyoramaa,
      Being a telugu chap, I really don’t have any idea about this tamil new year controversy. I heard it from one of my tamil mates and so i wished every one.

      There is nothing wrong in wishing people on an occasion no matter it is new year or pongal. Thanks any way for letting me know about this.
      Have a great day
      Durga Prasad

  2. Hi Durga,
    I wish you a happy Sankranti. After reading your blog, i started thinking about my childhood days. My children dont know much about this celebration. They just think festival means making special dishes and eating them. Anyhow It was a good one.

    • You are right sandha,

      In my view, parents are the only source for the next generation to learn about the significance of the festivals. Being a parent you should learn all these things and tell the same to your kids.

      Thanks for writing.
      Just keep an eye on my blog.
      Have a great day,
      Durga Prasad

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