The Oldest, Yet Strongest affection.

Hello All,

A quick re-play of last one invisible month in my life.

My Sister’s Marriage went on very well and the young pair enjoying their married life roaming around different places.

There is actually a lot to write about my last sentence, but I couldn’t as the time doesn’t permit me to it. :(. I hope you all are doing well.

Coming to the subject of this post, I would like to talk about a special person that attended my sis’s marriage. He is so special that every body was very much astonished with his presence and was very happy. I still can not believe that a person of 74years age had travelled a very long way using different means of transport reached us to give the blessings to my sister. 🙂 Well, I am talking about My Grand-Pa. I mean My Grand-Ma’s (My father’s mother) brother.

Its a very big story to start with. My Grand Ma’s was a very poor orthodox Brahman (Iyyer) family with Tamil origin. After her marriage, She took her younger sister along with her to Andhra to be a companion. Though she doesn’t know Telugu then, She struggled alot to communicate with the people over here and finally was able to mingle with the people here. Her younger sister Visalakhi, had literally dedicated her life as a bachelor to our family. She is always been called as “Visala Akka” (Visala Sister) by every one in our family starting from the grand-old-Generation to the younger generation. She love to be called so and won’t allow any one to call her Grand-ma.

Well, My Grand ma’s brother (I call him Kanchi tata) strived a lot to come up in his life. He used to work in 7 different houses a week for his day food and learn Veda’s in the famous vedic school from Ekambaranath temple in Kanchipuram. Daily he used to work, Learn Veda’s and take shelter in the temple. After a long time of his dedication, he was releved as a vedic pandit (Ghanapati in Sanskrit) to the society. He then went back to his home town Vadamarimangalam, Vellore (Dt) and settled as a Ghanapati.

During olden day’s as it is very tough for a poor family to commute to the long distances, Nobody from the that family used to visit us at andhra. So do we. My Grand-Ma still call’s her home town as another Desham (country). Moreover, The language is a big barrier between the two families. Kanchi Tata, Know little bit of English. So whenever he comes, dad used to speak to him in English. The sister and brother used to speak in Tamil. As day’s passed by we totally lost the touch with their family. My dad’s just a one vague address of kanchi tata.

The last time he visited my home was during my Mom & Dad’s Marriage (almost 27 years back). As day’s passed by, My grand-ma forgot Tamil. We always used to have fun at home, by asking her to speak in Tamil and she feeling shy for it. Seeing my dad’s invitation to the wage address, He called my home on the phone number written on the invitation card. Neither my Grand-ma nor my family member’s were able to understanding what he says. After a long affectionate discussion, my sister’s finally understood that “He will not be able to come to Marriage. But then he is sending his blessings in the form of a money order”.

But, His presence on the eve the marriage surprised us. There is no language barrier this time because of a catalyst/translator called Durga Prasad. Well, That’s me.  Kanchi Tata, was delighted and proud to have me speaking to him in his own language.  More than me My grand-ma was spell bound to see her brother after a span of 27 years.

Believe me, You have to experience such emotions atlease once in your life. I am very much privileged to have that experience during the marriage. He was morally supported all through this 27 years by a neighbour called srinivasan who also came to the marriage. Kanchi Tata always says that “With out Srinivasan, I am not there”.  We were very thankful to srinivasan to be there beside him always.

With this note I would like to take a break from this post. Here are some of the photo’s of him blessing all of us.

Enjoy your weekend.

Durga Prasad.

Grand Ma blessing her bro.

Grand Ma blessing her bro.

My Grand Ma, Her Brother, Her sister (Visala Akka)

My Grand Ma, Her Brother, Her sister (Visala Akka)

Kanchi Tata and Srinivasan

Kanchi Tata and Srinivasan


2 thoughts on “The Oldest, Yet Strongest affection.

  1. Great to get blessings from such people… Great to see u r from our origin… i cudn’t tolerate or hear to that you were translating tamil to telugu… yakk 🙂

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