New Bike. First Ride.

Finally, The much awaiting moment had arrived today morning 9:58AM. I got up fast, was there at Vadapalani’s Honda showroom to get my Brand new sexy “Honda Shine”. I was there in showroom for quite some time to finish all the required formalities and finally I got the bike in to my very own hands by 10.50AM.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzup !!!!! Having had a little bit of sentiment at an unknown and undiscovered corner of my heart, My bike’s first visit was to a famous murugan temple in Vadapalani. The darshan and puja at temple took another 1 Hr of my time. It was fun having a puja to my bike by a priest (Ayyangar) who doesn’t seem to know any thing, but still charged me 100/-.

Gurur Brahma !!! Gurur Vishnuh !!!

Guru Devo maheswarahan!!!!

Guru Ssakshath Parah Brahma !!

Tasmi Shri Guravee namah!!!

Our modern priest was supposed to spell out above four stanza’s. But, then he just managed with the first two bold-ed lines concatenating with “Blah Blah Blah blah”.  Ha ha ha ha..!!

However, After the successful puja, I decided to have my first long drive. Where else it can be ? To my office. Started from Vadapalani, Drove to Madhya kailash, and taken the OMR high way. It was fun have a ride on my bike.

It feels really, good when you have a freedom to go out wherever you want and when ever you want. Till now, I didn’t had that chance and Now……. ! It starts…

Photos of my bike follows soon….


Durga Prasad


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