DST Experience

November 1st, 2009


It was always fun to hear about a moment when all the people change their time manually to run 1 Hr late. I’ve been just hearing about this from last three years being at offshore Chennai India. All that I used to care about, is the reduced overlap time between the US and Chennai office timings. I used to be little sad when I get to know that “DST is gonna be applied on so and so date….”, which means we may have to stay back in office at least till 8.00PM (for the onsite person to come to office) .

It sounded so foolish, when I heard that some one will change their time manually (and their Govt approves it….!!!!! Ah…. Come on. Don’t be silly).  But, now being at the same place that implements DST(Day light saving time), I could experience all this real fun.

Its November 1st, Sunday, The day next to DST. In general, it will be a very long sleep for me on weekends. I will generally wake up at 11.30 AM or even late. But, to my surprise, I woke up exactly at 9.30 Am (which is actually 10.30AM) and was wondering “why the heck I woke up so early….!!!!”.  Looked at my watch, which showed 10.30AM. For some time, I was so confused and thought that it was just a “once in a blue moon” happening. Later When i found out about DST, I memorized all that i thought about it when I was in Chennai, India. 🙂 Its all fun to think about it and to be a part of it.

Every morning, I am supposed to get up at 6.20AM. As usual I was late by 1 hour, which surprisingly turned out to be the correct time. Everybody, got up so early and I am sure we will go to office on time today.

lets see what happens…..

Mood: Listening to slow music, fresh in the morning.


Durga Prasad Tamirisa.


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