Christmas 2009 – A nice memory.

Hello Folks,

First of all…..

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas !!!!!

May God bring the joy and happiness in your life.

This Christmas is so special for me as I am in a place where this festival is very famous. Christmas tree, jingle bells, Santa clause, Snow fall, Lots of gifts and decorated houses are the symbols of Christmas time in US. I saw all these things in Hollywood movies (like Home alone) back in my childhood, but now I am watching them almost everyday. Everybody here decorates their houses in their own way during Christmas. Believe Me!!!! some of those decorations are great and you can not take your eyes off from them. Fortunately, In my place, I have seen quite many of them.

Snow on the road-side trees is a real token of Christmas beauty in US. I spent lot of time to capture that beauty with my Nikon D5000, but was just able to capture a part of it. However, this picture can not completely explain how beautiful are these trees (Especially the day after the snow fall). You really got to see that once in a life time.

Snow filled Christmas tree outside my apartment

To see the Christmas beauty, we decided to go to Newyork, which also clubbed with other plans like receiving a friend from Lagaurdia airport, visiting Flushing Ganesha, Sai Baba temple and watching AVATAR movie in IMAX 3D. It first started with a temple visit in Flushing. It is almost 6 months that I visited any temple. It is totally a different temple I have ever visited. We had a hard time in leaving the shoes outside the temple and walking in to the temple on the bare foot. Our foot were almost frozen by the time we entered the temple. We also visited Sai Baba temple which is no different than a house except that a house doesn’t have such a big idols of Baba. But then I thought, “Take it easy..This is how the temples in US will be.” 🙂 We also had nice breakfast in flushing temple.

We then went to IMAX 3D theater to watch AVATAR. I heard a lot about this movie and few of my friends are even watching for the second time. This movie is simply Unbelievable. Don’t let me speak more about this…. If you let me, I will keep on talking till you get bored. I will just say

The movie is awesome, and Its my very strong recommendation to watch this movie in IMAX 3D. Just Don’t Miss It.

Finally, as planned, We reached Newyork central park on Christmas night expecting lot of Christmas activity in it. But unfortunately, we didn’t find much. However, We started enjoying the decorated trees and other stuff there. We visited few decorated Christmas trees and public gatherings. We saw few santas driving a decorated Christmas car playing music and  distributing gifts to the public.

We then reached the very famous Time Square, which is one of those places that none of Indian movie directors miss if they happen to take a picture in newyork. This is place is simply dazzling with damn wide digital billboards playing something or other 24/7. With its lighting, time square on the 53rd street of 7th Ave can be easily visible from at least 20 streets on both the sides. I stood in the center of the time square, kept my eyes little above the straight line and slowly had a 360 degree turn to see the dazzling beauty of time square (Like I saw in some of the Indian movies). Its simply .. Wowwwwwwwwwww!!!! That gave a great toast to my eyes on that moment.

This Christmas was really joyful for me. To summarize,

Went to a temple after a long time….

Had a nice food there ……

Saw an american street that was just like an Indian street. Also saw a bill board on that street that reads “Pichayya and Co.”. 🙂 …..

Watched a great movie and enjoyed 500% of it….

Experienced underground Subway travel in NYC (which was in my Wishlist for a long time)….

Saw Time Square…..

Took some nice pictures with my NIKON D5000…..

Last but not least…. Saw the Christmas beauty in NYC……

Thats all for today folks……

Have a Great Day,

Durga Prasad.

Mood: Room is very dark (Light is not working). Hearing the wind blow leaked from my bedroom window (like in horror movies). Listening to “Give Me Some Shine” from 3-Idiots. (I fell in love with this song).


Lowlight wonder from D5000

Hi Folks,

No wonder people say I am over reactive, as I feel the same sometimes. Started going through different tutorials from Bob Krist to understand more about SLR and photography. I am pretty amazed with the way this whole thing works. Tried few shots in low light today and I am excited with the way this camera does the wonder.

More on SLR on its way……

Taken in very low light


Durga Prasad.

First Snow and New SLR

Hi Folks,

Saw the snow for the first time in my life Today. It just started like a little rain and slowly became snow.  We had a very nice view from two of our windows and the sliding door in our dining room. It was very nice and people say it will be even more beautiful by tomorrow morning. On the other hand, It will also be killing with too much of chill.  Forgetting the bad part of it, I started enjoying it.

This being the second day for my brand new SLR camera, I went out to try some shots in the darkness. Some were  Ok and some failed as usual. As Bob Krist says, try different options of an SLR. Sometimes unexpected shots may also come up great. Have seen two of his tutorials about using SLR camera and they were very impressive informative and inspiring. Started exploring more and more about SLR and this way, one day I would be posting my first best photograph.

Till Then,

See you and Merry Merry Christmas.

Durga Prasad.