I do my Job, whatsoever.

He said, “Sorry Sir, Mein ne dekha nahi hu!!” . I said, “Koi bath nahi bhayya!! Aap ne, bas, aap ka kaam kiya!!”

Everyone has a responsibility defined for them, based on what their job is. One must clearly understand it and “Do it” regardless of any circumstance. I firmly believe this principle and try my best to follow it. I also respect those who tries to do this (especially in the era where people nicely try to push their responsibilities to others). Now, If you wonder what triggered this post, this is my experience of a small incident that happened in TCS Siruseri.

It was a Friday. An eventful Friday in TCS Siruseri. Eminence (A TED like program in TCS ) was going to take-off in the ATL Auditorium. I was excited not only to attend the event, but also to meetDamodar Padhi Ji. So, I started the epic walk from my block (EB4) to the auditorium ( In all excitement). And then, I hear a voice that said

Sir!!! Please show me your ID Card”

Only then did I realize that my TCS ID card was hidden under my half-sleeve casual shirt (Remember ? That’s a Friday). When I turned back, It was this Lean and very young looking Security Guard (G4S). He was in hurry going in the opposite direction and had to stop suddenly to ask me this question. I, then, have shown him the hidden ID Card (almost as a reflex action). The guy went blank for a minute. I could only infer that he was feeling bad to have asked me that question.

After a full minute of no conversation between us, he said,

Sorry Sir, Mein Ne dekha nahi hu!!! (Sorry Sir, I didn’t see it).

I didn’t see a need for him to apologize as he was just doing his job. Actually, I completely respected that question coming from a young security guard. This only tells me how safe I am in the premises of TCS. So, I replied.

Koi bath nahi bhayya!! Aap ne, bas, aap ka kaam kiya!! (Not a problem brother. You just did your job).

I further shook his hand and told him (with a smile on my face)

Thank you !!! Thank you for doing your job.

He left with a smile on this face and I wish I had asked him his name. 🙂

So dear friends, I’d leave you with a question. Do we need to apologize if we are doing our job?

I don’t think I want to (unless is absolutely necessary). How about you? I welcome your views on this topic.

— Durga Prasad