Ghajini – A review

Hello All,

The much awaiting Ghajini, a hindi remake of telugu/tamil Gajani had hit the screens of bollywood and moving forward with a good speed. Everybody had lot of expectation on this movie being starred by Aamir khan. I happened to see this movie last night and now I feel I am eligible to write a post giving my feedback on this movie. So, Here we go….

Aamir’s Performance:

You would have seen that few of my previous posts are about Aamir, which means that I admir Aamir and his hard work towards achieving what he wants. I could see the same clearly in this movie. Aamir is absolutely superb in this movie. This hard work for 9 months towards shaping this body to a Hard Gym body had shown up crystal clear on the screen. Ofcourse this acting… I have nothing new to talk about his acting. He is known for this creativity and acting skills. However, He didn’t put much of his creativity in this movie as it is a remake.

Aamir’s Getup:

Aamir’s get up was pretty much the same as Surya’s in tamil Gajini, ie., trimmed head with a gap starting from the forehead to the back of the head indicating an injury on the head. He comes on the screen with two different getup’s. One with the injury on the head and another a dynamic business man. The Business man get up was better than what surya had in the old gajini. Aamir looked really good in that get up. Apart of these two getups, Aamir comes on the screen often with a bare top. This getup mainly showcases Aamir’s body full of muscles and lots of information written on his body.


The plot was same as the Tamil gajini. The story goes on a concept of “hero taking revenge against a person that killed his fiance”. However, the movie was a biggest hit because of the twist that hero is a temporary memory loss patient who can only remember the happenings in last 15 minutes. The story flies around “how hero manages to keep track of the person’s whom he has to take the revenge on?”.At many places, Villon and other characters takes this as an advantage to escape from hero. Besides all this, the story keeps on touching the decent flash back of the hero. The flash back showcases his lovely relationship with a sweet lady called kalpana with whom he happened to fall in love.


Though the same director has remade this movie in to Hindi, The story had been changed a bit by Aamir (Especially the climax). Director Murugadoss had succeeded to re-produce all the scenes same as in Tamil movie. But, as usual he was not able to get rid of those poor dumb flying shots. This is some thing which i really don’t like in this guy. He tries change the hero in to a superman, in which the Villon flies off when he just punches him. Otherwise his direction was pretty nice and especially the climax in Hindi Ghajini was really good. Unlike the climax in the Tamil gajini, this is directed in a better way showing his love towards Kalpana and the angry on the Villon at the same time.


Asin starred as the main heroine in this movie and she will be murdered by the Villon by hitting hardly on her head with an iron rod. Asin’s role is funny, active, caring and centimental. She cares much about the society. Her helping nature attracts the hero to fall in love with her.  Otherwise, there was no much change in Asin’s role compared to Tamil Gajini.


The music in Ghajini is supposed to be a talent fight between A R Rehman and Harris. But, practically I am not sure if it makes some sense. It is like a competition between a legend and an emerging music director. In my view, no one is less talented. They have their own ways of producing music and they can not be compared to each other. Of course, being a hard core fan of A R Rehman, my feet will tap alot for whatever AR makes. Overall, the songs are so nice in this. My favorites would be Behka and Guzarish.

What do I like most in this movie:

1). The first and foremost is Aamir. I like the serious looks of aamir which I often see in this movie.

2). Music By AR. Behka is an excellent song with lot of difficult nodes in it. Especially the phrases when 6 Aamir’s come together to sing. (Don’t remember the exact lyrics). Guzarish starts with a nice humming which, I am sure, will lost for atleast 1-2 years in the industry. It had already become the ringtone of my N73. I am not talking much about other song’s as these two always dominates all others.

3) I liked the climax scene very much. Aamir khan acted very well with his mixed emotions in this scene combining his  immense love towards heroine and the angry towards the villon.

Overall rating:

Overall, the movie was good. Its  no where boring. It has a very good music. Every body’s acting was good. Direction was good.

With all the above, I would give this movie 3.5/5.

So my dear readers,

this is my recommondation to every body to watch this excellent movie.

With Lots of love,

Durga Prasad (Siging off at 11.44 PM. Very sleepy).


The confidence – It really makes difference

Hi all,

The source of this post is the deep impression/influence that i have experienced, when i watched an interview by Aamir Khan in one of the programs in CNN IBN. The way, he expresses his confidence in any of the activities in his life impressed me deeply.

So here we go… In to the flash back of Aamir khan to prove that CNN IBN is correct in identifying him as one of the top innovative Indians.

Aamir- The Back ground

Aamir Khan in Fanaa Aamir Khan was born in Mumbai into a Muslim family that has been actively involved in the Indian film-industry. His roots are connected to the city of Herat in Afghanistan due to him being a descendant of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. He is also a descendant of Late President of India Dr.Zakir Hussain and a second cousine of Former Chair Person of Rajya Sabha in Parliament Dr Nagma Hebdulla. His father Tahir Hussain is a producer; his uncle Nasir Hussain was a director. He has acted in a few films directed by his cousin Mansoor Khan. His brother Faisal Khan is an actor, and they have co-starred in Mela. His cousin Tariq was an actor in the 1970s who notably appeared in Yaadon Ki Baraat (Aamir played him as a child in the film) and Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin.

My Favorite film’s of Aamir:

If i think back of all the movies of Aamir khan, i will sometimes question myself “Is there a movie by him which i don’t like?”. The answer is no. I almost like all of his movies (that i have seen). I started watching his movies right from my 11th standard. The first one that i have seen is “Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar”.

His latest movie Tare Zameen par is absolutely chance less. Aamir proved one more time that he is superb. Especially, the climax scene, i am sure almost every one who watched that movie would have been melted with immense sentiment.

To talk about the chubby star kid, Darsheel has stood on the pinnacle of bollywood some time back by getting filmfare award at the youngest age ever in Bollywood. The credit that made him stand competitive with all the Big *’s of bollywood (Shahrukh khan, Amitab etc.,) will definitely goes to the innovative director of that movie Aamir Khan.

What’s special about him:

The first point goes to his confidence. Seriously………. his confidence in signing a contract for a movie, which is fourth consequtive movie with the concept of Bhagat Singh proves that he is special. Well i am talking about the movie which i have seen 8 times, the movie which is the biggest blockbusters of bollywood, the movie which moved almost all youngsters…… ie., RANG DE BASANTHI. When asked the question “How did you sign the contract knowing that the concept sound’s similar to all other Bhagat singh movies..??, his answer goes as below…A) “Its so simple, i have confidence on my action as well as on the direction of Om prakash mehra. Only thing that we need to take care is not to let people know that the concept is about Bhagat singh (With a smile on the face)” .

The second one is his thinking. Insted of explaining much about this i would suggest everyone to watch the film Taare Zameen Par. This film is an indication of his intelligence and his innovative thinking. Recently, in one of his interviews in CNN IBN, when asked about his ambition, his reply goes as below.

“I would like to give people what they want,but still surprise them.”

Isn’t this an indication that he thinks different..??

The third one is his action. He fits very well to any of the characters like a Layman (Rangeela), Farmer (Lagaan), Army Chief (Mangal Pande), Very jovial teenager (Dil chahta hi), A college guy with a burning fire in himself (Rang de), An innovative teacher (Taare Zameen Par) and finally a patient with short term memory loss (Gajani).

I specially dedicate this post to this legend and lets wish Aamir, a very good luck in all his future endeavors.

A compliment:

Here goes the list of all the songs from Taare Zameen par. Download them ans enjoy listening.

Note: To download the song, right click on each link and click save as.

1 – Taare Zameen Par – Shankar Mahadevan, Dominique Cerejo, Vivienne Pocha

2 – Kholo Kholo – Raman Mahadevan

3 – Bum Bum Bole – Shaan, Aamir Khan

4 – Jame Raho – Vishaal Dadlani

5 – Maa – Shankar Mahadevan

6 – Bheja Kum – Shankar Mahadevan, Bugs Bhargava, Shankar Sachdev, Raaj Gopal Iyer

7 – Mera Jahan – Adnan Sami, Auriel Cordo, Ananya Wadkar

8 – Ishaan’s Theme – Loy Mendonsa, Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani


Durga prasad