Mission “Image Processing”.

Hello Folks,

This holiday reminded my old days when I was crazy about Photoshop and spent much of my free time in practicing Photoshop affects. Now that Photoshop had become one of my necessary softwares to edit the pictures from my cam. A plan had been put up to purchase a new version of CS4 PS, but still negotiating as it is too costly.

Last two days were pretty boring and so I spent most of my time on Web. I was reading too many blogs, especially the controversial series by Chetan Bhagat regarding the latest Bollywood movie 3-idiots.  It was surprising to see Aamir acting little rude (in his words) in the press meet. I’ve never seen him over reacting before the media. On the other hand, I see that all the points raised by Chetan were valid and reasonable. Lets wait and see where this issue ends.

Apart of reading, I was also doing much of photoshop and going through different tutorials on the net. One that impressed me is a blog by Michael Rather. This blog has lot may useful video tutorials which you might want to try. I have seen many tutorials on web which seem very easy while watching but not while implementing. Unlike this, Michael’s tutorials were simple, understandable, and doable.

With time passing on, the technology kept on increasing, things becoming more sophisticated and advanced. When I started getting to know about photoshop (Way back in my college days), I just know it as a tool used by digital photographers and is developed based on Digital Image Processing (My Favorite subject in Engineering). But now, It had advanced way ahead in its abilities. I saw photoshop moving its way from PS 6.0 to CS1 to CS2 to CS3 and finally to CS4. People are now talking about HD Image processing by which an image can have a dazzling dreamy look. Having technology, running like a High-way express, I feel that I am still crawling way behind, like a small tiny snail. I am sure, by the time I get to know what is HD Image Processing, there will be a completely new kind of image processing.

So My dear friends, Don’t crawl like me. Be fast in getting to know ongoing things that suits your interest and get carried away by them. 🙂

Following is the result of one of those Photoshop experiments I did.

Original Photo Taken With My Cam

After Editing

Happy New Year Again. Take Care.

Durga Prasad

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Christmas 2009 – A nice memory.

Hello Folks,

First of all…..

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas !!!!!

May God bring the joy and happiness in your life.

This Christmas is so special for me as I am in a place where this festival is very famous. Christmas tree, jingle bells, Santa clause, Snow fall, Lots of gifts and decorated houses are the symbols of Christmas time in US. I saw all these things in Hollywood movies (like Home alone) back in my childhood, but now I am watching them almost everyday. Everybody here decorates their houses in their own way during Christmas. Believe Me!!!! some of those decorations are great and you can not take your eyes off from them. Fortunately, In my place, I have seen quite many of them.

Snow on the road-side trees is a real token of Christmas beauty in US. I spent lot of time to capture that beauty with my Nikon D5000, but was just able to capture a part of it. However, this picture can not completely explain how beautiful are these trees (Especially the day after the snow fall). You really got to see that once in a life time.

Snow filled Christmas tree outside my apartment

To see the Christmas beauty, we decided to go to Newyork, which also clubbed with other plans like receiving a friend from Lagaurdia airport, visiting Flushing Ganesha, Sai Baba temple and watching AVATAR movie in IMAX 3D. It first started with a temple visit in Flushing. It is almost 6 months that I visited any temple. It is totally a different temple I have ever visited. We had a hard time in leaving the shoes outside the temple and walking in to the temple on the bare foot. Our foot were almost frozen by the time we entered the temple. We also visited Sai Baba temple which is no different than a house except that a house doesn’t have such a big idols of Baba. But then I thought, “Take it easy..This is how the temples in US will be.” 🙂 We also had nice breakfast in flushing temple.

We then went to IMAX 3D theater to watch AVATAR. I heard a lot about this movie and few of my friends are even watching for the second time. This movie is simply Unbelievable. Don’t let me speak more about this…. If you let me, I will keep on talking till you get bored. I will just say

The movie is awesome, and Its my very strong recommendation to watch this movie in IMAX 3D. Just Don’t Miss It.

Finally, as planned, We reached Newyork central park on Christmas night expecting lot of Christmas activity in it. But unfortunately, we didn’t find much. However, We started enjoying the decorated trees and other stuff there. We visited few decorated Christmas trees and public gatherings. We saw few santas driving a decorated Christmas car playing music and  distributing gifts to the public.

We then reached the very famous Time Square, which is one of those places that none of Indian movie directors miss if they happen to take a picture in newyork. This is place is simply dazzling with damn wide digital billboards playing something or other 24/7. With its lighting, time square on the 53rd street of 7th Ave can be easily visible from at least 20 streets on both the sides. I stood in the center of the time square, kept my eyes little above the straight line and slowly had a 360 degree turn to see the dazzling beauty of time square (Like I saw in some of the Indian movies). Its simply .. Wowwwwwwwwwww!!!! That gave a great toast to my eyes on that moment.

This Christmas was really joyful for me. To summarize,

Went to a temple after a long time….

Had a nice food there ……

Saw an american street that was just like an Indian street. Also saw a bill board on that street that reads “Pichayya and Co.”. 🙂 …..

Watched a great movie and enjoyed 500% of it….

Experienced underground Subway travel in NYC (which was in my Wishlist for a long time)….

Saw Time Square…..

Took some nice pictures with my NIKON D5000…..

Last but not least…. Saw the Christmas beauty in NYC……

Thats all for today folks……

Have a Great Day,

Durga Prasad.

Mood: Room is very dark (Light is not working). Hearing the wind blow leaked from my bedroom window (like in horror movies). Listening to “Give Me Some Shine” from 3-Idiots. (I fell in love with this song).

Lowlight wonder from D5000

Hi Folks,

No wonder people say I am over reactive, as I feel the same sometimes. Started going through different tutorials from Bob Krist to understand more about SLR and photography. I am pretty amazed with the way this whole thing works. Tried few shots in low light today and I am excited with the way this camera does the wonder.

More on SLR on its way……

Taken in very low light


Durga Prasad.

First Snow and New SLR

Hi Folks,

Saw the snow for the first time in my life Today. It just started like a little rain and slowly became snow.  We had a very nice view from two of our windows and the sliding door in our dining room. It was very nice and people say it will be even more beautiful by tomorrow morning. On the other hand, It will also be killing with too much of chill.  Forgetting the bad part of it, I started enjoying it.

This being the second day for my brand new SLR camera, I went out to try some shots in the darkness. Some were  Ok and some failed as usual. As Bob Krist says, try different options of an SLR. Sometimes unexpected shots may also come up great. Have seen two of his tutorials about using SLR camera and they were very impressive informative and inspiring. Started exploring more and more about SLR and this way, one day I would be posting my first best photograph.

Till Then,

See you and Merry Merry Christmas.

Durga Prasad.

DST Experience

November 1st, 2009


It was always fun to hear about a moment when all the people change their time manually to run 1 Hr late. I’ve been just hearing about this from last three years being at offshore Chennai India. All that I used to care about, is the reduced overlap time between the US and Chennai office timings. I used to be little sad when I get to know that “DST is gonna be applied on so and so date….”, which means we may have to stay back in office at least till 8.00PM (for the onsite person to come to office) .

It sounded so foolish, when I heard that some one will change their time manually (and their Govt approves it….!!!!! Ah…. Come on. Don’t be silly).  But, now being at the same place that implements DST(Day light saving time), I could experience all this real fun.

Its November 1st, Sunday, The day next to DST. In general, it will be a very long sleep for me on weekends. I will generally wake up at 11.30 AM or even late. But, to my surprise, I woke up exactly at 9.30 Am (which is actually 10.30AM) and was wondering “why the heck I woke up so early….!!!!”.  Looked at my watch, which showed 10.30AM. For some time, I was so confused and thought that it was just a “once in a blue moon” happening. Later When i found out about DST, I memorized all that i thought about it when I was in Chennai, India. 🙂 Its all fun to think about it and to be a part of it.

Every morning, I am supposed to get up at 6.20AM. As usual I was late by 1 hour, which surprisingly turned out to be the correct time. Everybody, got up so early and I am sure we will go to office on time today.

lets see what happens…..

Mood: Listening to slow music, fresh in the morning.


Durga Prasad Tamirisa.

A Glimpse of my life in US – Part 1

Hi Folks,

Its been ages that I had a look at this space. I am finally back after a very long break posting this from Milford City, Connecticut, US. 🙂 For those who don’t know this yet, I am relocated to US on an onsite assignment.  Started a new way of life here at US. Accustomed to the extremely good environment. Started to understand different things about the culture here.  And of course back to my favorite part time, cooking. Trying different dishes on my friends (I pity em).

The entry to US….

My entry to US was a lucky one with out any pains (I traveled with my manager..).  That was my first travel in an airplane and I was thrilled to see the clouds through the window. It was initially difficult to understand what exactly was I having  in the plane. Was it Breakfast? Wat It lunch? or Dinner ? The way air hostess come to me and say “Here is your Vegetarian Meals Sir”, confused me all the time. I was wondering how she found out that I am a vegetarian.  I had never mentioned it anywhere. I finally asked her a question, for which she clarified that my travel agent did this by default for all the travellers from TCS. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The first impression…..

I reached US sometime in the afternoon and it was very cool breeze that touched my face as I come out of the plane. For the next few days, I was sleeping in Indian sleep times  (which these guys call as Jet-Lag).  The climate was very cool (for me) and I used to wear sweater when I come out. I later realized that those were the hottest days ever in the near past. 🙂 This surprised me one more time in US. As time went on, I got adjusted with the climate and I am not wearing sweater anymore.

The Scenerie’s….

I was extremely thrilled with my first travel to office in my friends (Jaggi’s) car. The roads here are so damn good and are very organized. I liked the traffic maintenance here and the discipline of the car drivers.  The greenery on both the ways is astounding. They give most importance/preference to pedestrians. It is good that The Government cares a lot about people here.

My Apartment…

I lived in two appartments till now. The first one is Robert Treat, which is been a home for all TCSer’s from ages. Other than TCS there are lot many other Indians that live in this place, which make me feel no different from living in India. We recently moved to an Authentic beach-side apartment on Joy Road.  This apartments has an American community. 🙂 I now have a chance to say that I am residing in a beach side apartments where the beach is visible form my balcony, Nice breeze, beach walk, fishing, etc etc had become my favorite part times in the recent past. I simply simply loved the environment that I am currently residing.

The habits….

There were some drastic changes in my habits here. I am no more getting a chance to play my loving game Table Tennis (called as ping pong here). No more GBH and CSR activities. Unable to find a  nice/appropriate place in my apartment to arrange my Puja idols because we all use sandals in the house. 😦 I am living in a double bedroom apartment which just has a single bathroom. To adjust with the office timings, I need to get up sharp at 6.30 AM. Sounds very tough, but I am making it everyday (somehow). No deviations in office timings. Starts sharp at 9.00AM to 6.00 PM.

Will be back with more updates on my activities.

Bye for now,

Durga Prasad Tamirisa.

Mood: Very sleepy, tired. Going to bed after making an unsuccessful attempt to cook Channa Masala. 😦

A Quick recap on Apr-May 2009

Hello Folks,

Its become a good practice for me to disappear from the blogosphere for a month or two and coming up with a post that starts with an apology for the disappearance. 🙂 Believe me you would have seen such apologies 3 or 4 times in my posts. Well…!!! Let me start this post as well with such an apology, but in a different way. :-). I will talk “why am i busy” in this post.

My past one month has been great and I have undergone so many changes personally and professionally. After my sister’s marriage, I started feeling that I am quite capable of coping up with such a big responsibilities in my life (Believe me, I mean it/ felt it).  My sis is doing good now and may fly in few weeks. 🙂 .

My bike……!! This is big story. No accidents/scratches as of now fortunately. Driving safely with an average speed of 60- 70 on the high way  and finally crossed the mark of 1500 KM. The first service is done and it running pretty satisfactory. I thought of writing a review on it if time permits. But again, I am afraid to write a review because of a bitter comment from an anonymous in the past. Remember the review on HP series…?? Some body named Alex has written a comment back to me scolding me in Greek and Latin, giving me left and right, posting hella lot of links that contradicts my words in that post. 😦

New room……!! This also happened in Apr-May 2009.  It all started when TCS had increased the Travelling Bus charges from 1000/- to 2500/- suddenly. I felt it rude and thought of this idea. Ofcourse, My new bike is a result of this (Thanks to TCS). Taken the bike and shifted my room near office (18 KM) from the office. The room is exactly as I expected, with all the furniture and with the cooking facility. I didn’t care even the rent is quite high compared to my previous room. It happened later that A/C if fit in my room and that solved the issue of this typical summer heat. Arranged a home theatre with my sexy Creative speakers and using my IPOD to play songs in it. 🙂 No compromise in music at all…..

My office work. I got a top rating this time in my profession and special thanks to the management for recognizing me well. This also opens another gate of hard work. Since I got A grade, The expectations increase and eventually the work increases and so the responsibilities. One way its good to me that I am still learning a lot day by day. These days I am learning much on “How to manage”. I got a VISA in  my hand and now the next question is “When will I fly?”. I am waiting for the answer from my manager and hope they will respond soon.

Friends…!!!!! These two months are been the months where in I didn’t get much time to interact with my Friends personally. However, I have spent lot of my time with one of my best friends (The two Kutty kids and their family). Roamed around the city on bike.

Shopping….!!! Though, I have done lot of shopping during my sisters marriage, I din’t stop to buy stuff. Recently, brought, 3 Pairs of formals and 3 Tee’s in Pantaloons. Bought a new pair of Woodlands rock shoes.

Outing …!!! All my office friendly gang went for a treak to the hills of death which you would have seen in one of my previous post. It was an damn complex and wonderful trek. I always admire CTC for giving such a wonderfull weekend in my life. I made very good use of my Woodland shoes in this trek.

Other than the trek I visited some places in Chennai on my bike which are worth visiting. One of them is the Music Academy to watch the Maya bazaar drama Sponsered by EVAM and played by Surabhi Group. It feels very good to see such a great art from all the members of the same family.

CSR….! There is absolutely nothing that i have done in this front. And for this i got lot of scoldings from my boss Mukund. I hope i will try to make it atleast this sunday. 😦

Well….! This summarizes my life in last two months. 🙂 So….Now does it summarize that I am busy ? 😉

Cheers !!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Durga Prasad.