A Quick recap on Apr-May 2009

Hello Folks,

Its become a good practice for me to disappear from the blogosphere for a month or two and coming up with a post that starts with an apology for the disappearance. 🙂 Believe me you would have seen such apologies 3 or 4 times in my posts. Well…!!! Let me start this post as well with such an apology, but in a different way. :-). I will talk “why am i busy” in this post.

My past one month has been great and I have undergone so many changes personally and professionally. After my sister’s marriage, I started feeling that I am quite capable of coping up with such a big responsibilities in my life (Believe me, I mean it/ felt it).  My sis is doing good now and may fly in few weeks. 🙂 .

My bike……!! This is big story. No accidents/scratches as of now fortunately. Driving safely with an average speed of 60- 70 on the high way  and finally crossed the mark of 1500 KM. The first service is done and it running pretty satisfactory. I thought of writing a review on it if time permits. But again, I am afraid to write a review because of a bitter comment from an anonymous in the past. Remember the review on HP series…?? Some body named Alex has written a comment back to me scolding me in Greek and Latin, giving me left and right, posting hella lot of links that contradicts my words in that post. 😦

New room……!! This also happened in Apr-May 2009.  It all started when TCS had increased the Travelling Bus charges from 1000/- to 2500/- suddenly. I felt it rude and thought of this idea. Ofcourse, My new bike is a result of this (Thanks to TCS). Taken the bike and shifted my room near office (18 KM) from the office. The room is exactly as I expected, with all the furniture and with the cooking facility. I didn’t care even the rent is quite high compared to my previous room. It happened later that A/C if fit in my room and that solved the issue of this typical summer heat. Arranged a home theatre with my sexy Creative speakers and using my IPOD to play songs in it. 🙂 No compromise in music at all…..

My office work. I got a top rating this time in my profession and special thanks to the management for recognizing me well. This also opens another gate of hard work. Since I got A grade, The expectations increase and eventually the work increases and so the responsibilities. One way its good to me that I am still learning a lot day by day. These days I am learning much on “How to manage”. I got a VISA in  my hand and now the next question is “When will I fly?”. I am waiting for the answer from my manager and hope they will respond soon.

Friends…!!!!! These two months are been the months where in I didn’t get much time to interact with my Friends personally. However, I have spent lot of my time with one of my best friends (The two Kutty kids and their family). Roamed around the city on bike.

Shopping….!!! Though, I have done lot of shopping during my sisters marriage, I din’t stop to buy stuff. Recently, brought, 3 Pairs of formals and 3 Tee’s in Pantaloons. Bought a new pair of Woodlands rock shoes.

Outing …!!! All my office friendly gang went for a treak to the hills of death which you would have seen in one of my previous post. It was an damn complex and wonderful trek. I always admire CTC for giving such a wonderfull weekend in my life. I made very good use of my Woodland shoes in this trek.

Other than the trek I visited some places in Chennai on my bike which are worth visiting. One of them is the Music Academy to watch the Maya bazaar drama Sponsered by EVAM and played by Surabhi Group. It feels very good to see such a great art from all the members of the same family.

CSR….! There is absolutely nothing that i have done in this front. And for this i got lot of scoldings from my boss Mukund. I hope i will try to make it atleast this sunday. 😦

Well….! This summarizes my life in last two months. 🙂 So….Now does it summarize that I am busy ? 😉

Cheers !!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Durga Prasad.


Mahesh Makes it to Erraguntla (AP).

Hello Folks,

I know, its been ages that I had a look at this space. Its all because of the tight schedules in the office and too much of travel. However, After a long gap (Almost 4 Months) I am back in to my favorite past time “Relocating Kids from GBH”.

This was the story of another unfortunate (I’d rather say fortunate) kid named Mahesh who got separated from their parents while they are traveling to Vizag. This kid was not that expressive. Surprisingly, This worked out well with the help of our GURU NEERAV MANTRA ie., Sending the letters to some Pseudo address formed out of the discussion with the kids at GBH.

As usual, We reached GBH early in the morning SHARP at 9.00 AM. Muke and Mahi were busy updating trackers and getting the list of new kids that week. Archies was busy watching India VS New Zeland, shouting, jumping, yelling along with kids. 🙂  I spoke to kid for a while to get the details of him.

He was not so expressive and gave the details of his Father, Uncle and his school head master. I confirmed that he is not a run-away kid but was really been missed. I went home tried to make out some address with the help of Google and sent letters to three people. I was really not expecting some one to respond to these letters.

To my surprise, His uncle called me yesterday and was desperately asking about their kid. I told them all the formalities and documents and guided them to take their kid back to home. I just got a confirmation call that the kid is been safely taken home.


Looking forward to do more of such relocations,


Durga Prasad.

Back to the childhood to celebrate Pongal.

Hello All,

Let me wish you all a Happy and great pongal. This day is a new year day for Tamil Nadu and so let me wish all the chennites A happy new year as well.

Well, I didn’t get a chance to go home for this pongal 😦 as I am “perserving” my leaves for sister’s marraige. Being alone in the room, I was just thinking of my pongal celebrations during my childhood days. Ofcourse, those were the sweetest days of everyones life.

My memories flashed back to my childhood days of 5-6th standard. Normally during those days the atmosphere used to be very cold than usual becuase of the two lakes very near to my home in Tenali. We are around 6 kids and all are of my age or less than that. Our temple used to be the  playground for all of us. Since our home is located pretty near to farm fields, all the tractors and lorry’s used to pass by my home.

We use to gather early morning at around 4.30 to 5.00 o’clock and prepare a camp fire (traditionally called Chali Manta in telugu) to get rid of cold. More than escaping from cold, we make use of this as a way out to have fun together with lots of silly games. So, Its our usual practice to make a camp fire every morning. But, for us to  make the fire we have to collect the dried grass from different places.

Ofcourse, The best place to collect are the tractors that return from the fields. So, this used to be a very tough competition between those 6 kids. Everybody used to have a very keen motto of collecting the grass on their own and whoever collects more (on that day) will get lots of claps the next day morning during the camp fire. Thank god that all the tractor drivers that return from fields, take a break extactly before my house (Because we have a public pump befre my house :)). Hence, me and my sister always used to crouch in to those halted tractors during the abscense of the driver and steel the grass in it. So, at the end of the day we were the winners of the game. 🙂

During bhogi (the day before the festival of pongal), it used to be a master camp fire (Bhogi Manta) where all our family members would also participate. We, the kids, used to preserv lot of grass from previous three days. Apart of it, My dad also used to ask the farmers to get some from the fields. So, By the next day morning, suddenly a BIG lot of grass appears before us for the camp fire. You don’t believe me, that was the time which we were utmost happy to see such a big amout of it. (Sounds so funny if i think now). Because… More the grass ! More is the time to Burn ! and so More is the fun ! 🙂 🙂

Apart of this, We used to fly lot of kite’s on top my building. We used to go to the small water storages near by for fishing.  We were never successful in catching a fish but were always successfull in geting scoldings from our parents. 🙂

Those were the best days of my life….. (I feel like singing this Brain Adams’s Biggest hit ).

Gone are those days. Now the times are changing with every thing artificial. I am afraid If I will be able to explain to the next generation (my kids) “What is Sankranthi? What is Bhogi ?” etc etc…..!

Whew….! Enough going to flash back. Just Zoom back to present.

Once again Happy Pongal and Have a nice day.


Durga Prasad



Srinivasan Makes it to Kuppam.

Dear All,

Here come’s one more success story of a kid’s relocation. This is all about  a kid named “Srinivasan” of kupppam that I have recently relocated.

The kid was studying 8th standard in an English medium school of kuppam. A person took him out of his home telling him that he will show him a movie shooting in Goa. The kid being betrayed  by him came along with him. And as usual he left the kid some where in some unexpected situations.

This kid’s relocation was not at all a tough job. All I have done is that i spoke to him for around 10Min. That is it. He has given the clear address, his fathers name, mothers name, the school he is studying, and also the phone number of his neighbors. I came to know that his father is Dumb and so, I called the neighbor and spoke to his mother.

Got a very good response from his mother and neighbors. His mother was very happy with this and said that she will be starting to Chennai the next day. I have given her the address of GBH and explained her all other formalities.

Hope to relocate more kids from GBH.


Durga Prasad

Run for a cause. Marg Chennai Marathon.

Dear All,

This post is all about Give Life Chennai Marathon that i have participated this morning along with some of my mates in TCS. My company registered us as a part of TCS-Maitree and we are asked to assemble at the War Memorial chennai at 6.30AM.

Woke up in the morning at 4.30 and started in a local train to war memorial. I have seen lot of people have boarded the same train which i am in with their own sports attire. It started raining when i am in the train and when I got down the train and started towards the War Memorial, these are the things that I observed.

  1. A Rainbow giving a warm welcome to all the participants that came to run for a cause.
  2. Different groups of people with their respective flags and T-Shirts.
  3. Some people with their Marg-I LOVE CHENNAI T-Shirt.
  4. Typical sport shorts.
  5. Sport shoes
  6. Police blocking the road that leads to War Memorial to avoid vehicles getting in to the road.
  7. Co-runners waking towards the war memorial to meet their groups.
  8. Cheer leaders getting ready to cheer the crowd.
  9. School kids with their professional bands.
  10. Ambulances from different hospitals like Life Line, Appolo etc., for the emergency assistance
  11. Charitable organizations getting ready to distribute free water packets.
  12. THE HINDU volunteers, supplying free sun caps and T-Shirts.
  13. Registration Number boards.
  14. Crowds shouting their own slogans.
  15. Volunteers directing the crowd to the right place as per their registration.
  16. Mic set’s everywhere with the Chennai Marathon Anthem coming out of them.
  17. A very big queue of people heading towards THE HINDU COUNTER to collect their free sun caps and T-Shirts.

I Called up few of my friends to check where they are and finally we 10 of us have assembled at one point. We then realized that there are lot of TCS guy’s scattered somewhere in the crowd. Manjula, Maitree Coordinator has gone to the announcer to give an announcement for TCS participants. We then started waving TCS’s Maitree flag on the stage on the dance floor to gather all the TCS participants.

I was able to locate Mukund and Charan in this huge crowd. And when these guys have come, the fun started with photo session and slogan shouts. Atlast we were able to locate lot of TCS guys and we finally we around 50-60. Everybody have assembled at one point and we all had the official number places on our chests. By this time the 7KM run has already started, and we ran with a big shout.

Even though it is supposed to be a run, there is no much of actual run because of the heavy crowd. We hardly ran in the Marathon. “TCS KA HALLA GULLA…………..! HU HA HU HA”. “MAITREE KA HALLA GULLA!…………. HU HA HU HA”. “CHENNAI KA HALLA GULLA…..! HU HA HU HA”. These are the slogans by charan that attracted the concentration of the crowd around, when the TCS guys are moving towards the destination. And this way, the Marathon ended successfully and Maitree’s participation in it notable.

I see lot of old people and small kid’s that are running in view of giving charity. Every participant in this  had their own contribution in making this event a grand success. The organizers have taken lot of efforts to make the arrangements for this events. And THE POLICE, Whew……… They have really done a very good job. Cheer leaders have danced until they are damn tired, to cheer up the running crowd.

I feel very good and happy to participate in this…………

  1. Because I see lot of unity among the people that represent CHENNAI.
  2. Because I see all of them that are running for a great cause.
  3. Because I see all the people joining hands together and telling the homeless kid’s that “we are all there,  and we will always be there for them”.
  4. Because I see lot of smiles and laughs among people.

My day has become really meaningful with the participation in this event. As soon as I came home I uploaded the photos in to Picasa and below is the album.

Give Life Chennai Marathon – Web Album


Durga Prasad

The Celebration Begins

Hi All,

After a very long time I got a chance to look back at my sweet heart (My Blog).

In this post I will try to Justify the title of this post “The Celebration Begins”. When I say this double quoted phrase, I meant the celebrations in my life. The moments that brings me the extreme Joy and happiness. The moments that fills the ever ending cheers on my face. The moments that remains as sweet memories forever in my life. The moments about which I would love to share with you all.

Well…..No More Poetry goes here.(I am not a poet).

I am talking about one of the happiest celebrations in my life ie., MY SISTER’S ENGAGEMENT. Being a part of a typical Orthodox Hindu Family, we treat this as a very important ceremony before ones marriage. And because this is my sister’s, its very important for me.

Decoration, Focus lights, Idols of god, A welcome banner with the bride and bridegroom’s names,  Chopped Banana trees on both sides of the entrance, People having traditional mark on the face (Namam in Telugu) , Ceremonial chairs on the stage, Flower bouquet’s hanging on the walls, Mineral water bottles, chairs arranged for invitees, A Car or an auto hired for the whole day, Coffee, Tea, are the typical things you see before you start any of the traditional ceremonies.

The ceremony starts with welcoming the Bridegroom and his relatives. Once they come in they will be served the Breakfast. Then starts the actual ceremony. The priest (pujari) starts the puja chanting all the mantras sitting at the idols of God.

Relatives having break fast and talking to each other, Priest’s mantra’s, Some people moving fast around in hurry,  Flower garlands with different colors, Bride and Bridegroom’s sitting on the Ceremonial Chairs, some suggesting different items in lunch, some tasting them, Some standing at the entrance and welcoming the relatives with a smile, Kids running around and playing in the function hall, Kinds’ mom’s running behind them to take care of them, Youngsters serving Coffee and water to the visitors, Old people sitting at some corner and taking care of all the belongings of their children, Bride and the groom busy on the stage chit chatting/interacting with each other, children and youngsters teasing them, Bride and Bridegroom appearing on the stage with different outfits (like a fashion show) are all the Typical events during the ceremony.

The outfits will generally be …….

Youngsters in Jeans and T-shirt, Middle age people in a Khadhi shirt and Dhoti, Priest in no shirt and a dhoti, Bride groom in coat, Bride in a traditional Saree, Chuff in a normal shirt and a long towel AND I AM IN A BLACK JEANS AND SHORT KURTHA.

All these are something’s which I have personally experienced in the Engagement Ceremony of my Sister that has happened on 21st August 2008. I have taken lot of videos/photos and they were very nice.


Very happy to share this with you all.

You should be expecting much similar post during the Marriage.


Durga Prasad