In search of a root tip of “corruption”.

Hello Dear Readers,

Today I was recalling one of the discussions that I had with the son(Rahul) of a very famous general stores in my home town. This is a very busy store which always has at least 20-30 customers standing in line to get the stuff from the shopkeeper. 

The discussion was basically about the corruption. Well… I mean, the shopkeeper not giving the bills to the customers, thereby not paying the tax to government (Which he is suppose to pay). The shopkeepers son is a  B.Tech Graduate from a famous college in AP. He was asking me the details of a software that he can buy for the use in his shop to minimize the paper work that they are doing currently. Currently, there is no automatic billing system and they give the handwritten bills to the customers which are not accountable and so the money going in to the Black Account.

The discussion went as below.  (Being a techie software professional, I started with first step in SDLC.)

Me: So… What kind of software you are looking for and what are your requirements ?

Rahul: Well…! Not much expensive. It should just be replacing the manual work which we are doing in our shop.

Me:So…. You are gonna give computerized bills to the customers is it ? Does that mean you are staring to pay the tax correctly.

Rahul:Excuse me !!! That’s not possible.  (Hesitated to speak much here).

Me: Sorry….! I didn’t get you. (Trying to be smart to get more info).

Rahul: Well..! Frankly, My intention of this software is not to pay taxes, but just to remove one more worker from my shop (who is working on accounting now), and get more profit thereby.

Me:(Smiling) Ok Ok. I know this is all very common everywhere. But can I ask you one realistic question? (Discussion slowly deviating from Software to corruption).

Rahul: Why not ? Go ahead.

Me: Why don’t you start paying the tax correctly to Government ? What is dragging you back from paying it ?

Rahul: (With a smile and a hesitation on his face). Well..! The answer is the Profit. 🙂

And yes ! We can really start paying the tax to the Govt. But, let me explain this to you with a simple example. 

We get a load of 20 Boxes (Each Box contains 100 pieces) of XYZ detergent soap 20 times a month. XYZ is the fastest selling detergent and most of the supplies in our home town goes from our shop as it is 50 PS less than all other shops. But, XYZ gives the bill only once (for 20 Boxes) in three months.

Suppose if we have to start paying tax, We have to ask all our suppliers to do the same. This is not so easy as they are all the big heads under the shadows of political cover.

Moreover, If I pay tax, I should defnitely increase the rates of all the items accordingly. At the same time, the customers will be reduced because of the increase in rates.

If I still have to over come this, I have ask all my co-shoppers to start paying tax as well. For which they will say “Get Lost”.

On top of all this, Paying tax will not let me get rid of paying the monthly bribe to the local tax officer.

So, now you tell me..?? Should I pay tax or not?

Me: —————– (JUST A BLANK FACE)——————–


So, Folks………. Think about this. Where is the root of this problem ? Where can I start, If i have to eradicate corruption ?  Can I be safe/successful in doing this?

I don’t have any answer for all the above questions. Do you ?

If you have have any ideas, Do let me know by commenting on this post.


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Durga Prasad


An adventerous return from office

Hello All,

This is about one of the very bad experiences that I had yesterday during my return from office. I would rather call it an adventure than an experience. Hope every one is aware of the cyclone name NISHA in tamil nadu due to which, the roads in Chennai had to become rivers, chennai corporation may had to launch CITY BOATS in place of CITY BUSSES, All schools and colleges had to declare the holyday for 2 days, All the IT organizations had to Shut down their PC’s and servers, and ofcourse all the shop keepers had to say back at home.

If any one doesn’t have any info about this… Here are the links for you.\ptisite.nsf/0/EC740D46C9B48C066525750F0038B1B2?OpenDocument



If all of you can zoom off your mind from all those links, I have some thing very funny to share wid you all. Aaaaah….!!! I still can not stop my laugh. Yesterday, as usual I started to office at 10.00 in the morning in a horrible weather. Since it was office bus, I was able to reach office safely. Later since we got a mail form the HR to leave office as early as possible because of the expected heavy rain, I started at 5.00PM from office. But, My attempt was unsuccessful because of the heavy rush in the office bus at that time. 


So, being very smart, I went back to quadrant and continued my work. Once it is 7.00 PM, I cached another bus to my place and the bus had started safely. In just a 5 min, the rain started like hell and it almost drowned 1/4 of the bus all along the way. After reaching some distance, to my surprise, I could see all the busses that have started earlier standing there for the clear way. As per the information we get from somebody over there, It seems that there was a big traffic jam at some point 4-5 KM far away from where we are. So, the bus is expected to stand there on the road for another 3-4 hours. In a span of 1 hr that I waited in the bus, the bus had just moved a distance of 1 meter. 

I repeat…. Its just ONE METER.

Experiencing that, I decided to start my march in the water on the road. I, with one of my collegue, walked along the road until we reach the nearest railway station. To re-phrase the previous sentence in reality, 

We swam against the stream of rain water until we reach the nearest railway station. 

If you are wondering about the distance details, its about 4-5 Km. I was actually reminded of the adventure trek that I had participated some time back with Chennai Trekkers. Yeah… This is no different than a trek except the lack of sloppy hill range and the cool breeze.

Hmm.. And finally after a journey of 5 1/2 hours, I reached home safely. And right at that point, I decided not to go to office the next day.

Here are some of the consequences because of this cyclone in chennai

1) Frequent Power Off’s.

2) Major commercial and House hold area’s like Velachery, saligramam are full of water.

3) The people living in the ground floors of the low lying area’s are forced to vacate their houses immediately.

4) A canal outflow near saligramam drowned 3/4th of saligramam. 

5) Government had declared holiday for all schools and govt organizations.

6) Water didn’t leave entering the giant IT parks as well. 

Having experienced this, My Dear readers…..

I suggest you not to take a chance to leave home in a bad weather.

So, All you chennites, Take care.

Stay at home. 


Durga Prasad.


Blog is almost gone……

Hello all,

I know that this blog is almost dead from a long time. And in the mean while some time back when i tried to hit my blog’s url, To my surprise I got a message “The blog is temperoraly suspended!!!!!”. I was simply shocked to see that message. When I logged in to my account, I had a big RED warning on the top saying “We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolvethe issue and re-enable posting”. With out any other thought, I clicked on that link and mailed WordPress with my apologies. I also mentioned that “If I had not agreed any T&C of wordpress, thats because of the mistake not by intension”. Thank God, wordpress is kind enough to give my content back, removing the exceptional content.

So My DEAR viewers,

WordPress is not the place where you can copy the content some where from WEB and paste it in the blog. Please be aware of what you are posting and make sure that what ever you post is legal as per wordpress.This is a very good experience for me and I hereby assure that there will not be any content in my blog that disagree’s the term’s and conditions of WordPress.

I appreciate the excellent monitoring done by WordPress.


Durga Prasad. 

Run for a cause. Marg Chennai Marathon.

Dear All,

This post is all about Give Life Chennai Marathon that i have participated this morning along with some of my mates in TCS. My company registered us as a part of TCS-Maitree and we are asked to assemble at the War Memorial chennai at 6.30AM.

Woke up in the morning at 4.30 and started in a local train to war memorial. I have seen lot of people have boarded the same train which i am in with their own sports attire. It started raining when i am in the train and when I got down the train and started towards the War Memorial, these are the things that I observed.

  1. A Rainbow giving a warm welcome to all the participants that came to run for a cause.
  2. Different groups of people with their respective flags and T-Shirts.
  3. Some people with their Marg-I LOVE CHENNAI T-Shirt.
  4. Typical sport shorts.
  5. Sport shoes
  6. Police blocking the road that leads to War Memorial to avoid vehicles getting in to the road.
  7. Co-runners waking towards the war memorial to meet their groups.
  8. Cheer leaders getting ready to cheer the crowd.
  9. School kids with their professional bands.
  10. Ambulances from different hospitals like Life Line, Appolo etc., for the emergency assistance
  11. Charitable organizations getting ready to distribute free water packets.
  12. THE HINDU volunteers, supplying free sun caps and T-Shirts.
  13. Registration Number boards.
  14. Crowds shouting their own slogans.
  15. Volunteers directing the crowd to the right place as per their registration.
  16. Mic set’s everywhere with the Chennai Marathon Anthem coming out of them.
  17. A very big queue of people heading towards THE HINDU COUNTER to collect their free sun caps and T-Shirts.

I Called up few of my friends to check where they are and finally we 10 of us have assembled at one point. We then realized that there are lot of TCS guy’s scattered somewhere in the crowd. Manjula, Maitree Coordinator has gone to the announcer to give an announcement for TCS participants. We then started waving TCS’s Maitree flag on the stage on the dance floor to gather all the TCS participants.

I was able to locate Mukund and Charan in this huge crowd. And when these guys have come, the fun started with photo session and slogan shouts. Atlast we were able to locate lot of TCS guys and we finally we around 50-60. Everybody have assembled at one point and we all had the official number places on our chests. By this time the 7KM run has already started, and we ran with a big shout.

Even though it is supposed to be a run, there is no much of actual run because of the heavy crowd. We hardly ran in the Marathon. “TCS KA HALLA GULLA…………..! HU HA HU HA”. “MAITREE KA HALLA GULLA!…………. HU HA HU HA”. “CHENNAI KA HALLA GULLA…..! HU HA HU HA”. These are the slogans by charan that attracted the concentration of the crowd around, when the TCS guys are moving towards the destination. And this way, the Marathon ended successfully and Maitree’s participation in it notable.

I see lot of old people and small kid’s that are running in view of giving charity. Every participant in this  had their own contribution in making this event a grand success. The organizers have taken lot of efforts to make the arrangements for this events. And THE POLICE, Whew……… They have really done a very good job. Cheer leaders have danced until they are damn tired, to cheer up the running crowd.

I feel very good and happy to participate in this…………

  1. Because I see lot of unity among the people that represent CHENNAI.
  2. Because I see all of them that are running for a great cause.
  3. Because I see all the people joining hands together and telling the homeless kid’s that “we are all there,  and we will always be there for them”.
  4. Because I see lot of smiles and laughs among people.

My day has become really meaningful with the participation in this event. As soon as I came home I uploaded the photos in to Picasa and below is the album.

Give Life Chennai Marathon – Web Album


Durga Prasad