Raged and Helpless for an old Friend.

It was a normal visit to a near by grocery store. Pamphlets claim that it is owned and managed by the farmers of a nearby village. This has been the favorite evening spot for me and my wife lately. Just when I parked my vehicle and about to enter the store, something shocked me with my eyes wet. I don’t see my old friend, where he used to be anymore. Adding to the irony, he has been simply cut off till his feet. I couldn’t see him that way.

He used to greet me with his cool breeze every other evening. He stood tall with his arms open while we (me and my wife) had the delicious Litti Chokhas from the Bihari stall there. He was a healthy and greenish Neam Tree, who stood tall, strong and happy for years. He didn’t come in anyone’s way to build their little revenue generating food stalls. He was humble to everyone. He offered a cool shade to anyone with nothing in return.

He has seen the world changing. He has seen the technology transforming. But, never thought that it would enable a tiny machine to cut him down in less than 2 minutes. He believed in us “the humans”. In the end, we turned out to be inhuman. We have technology. A super advanced one. But, what for?…..if it did not help my friend live his life ?

I went and asked the shopkeeper. He told me that the tree is rotten from inside and had to be taken off. I knew he was telling me a cock-and-bull story. He told that he would get a Singapore Pine tree in that place instead. I still know that he was talking non-sense. I pushed him hard with my questions. Then comes the famous verse that many use as an excuse to not being responsible for the nature.

It’s my tree and I can do whatever with it.

I don’t understand how can one claim the ownership of something that was made by the mother nature. Something that was nurtured in the hands of the mother nature from years. I had to calm down, give up on him helplessly. My friend would have asked me to do so if he was alive.

I was raged. I was angry. I was helpless. I was sad. I thought again and again, what could I have done. I didn’t quite find my answer.

I miss my friend.

The only thing that I could do was to quit going to that shop, ever in my life. That wouldn’t bring my friend back to life. But, its my way of acknowledging how much I care about this nature. The very nature that this mankind has been destroying a bit by bit.

Dear Friends, Here’s my request to all of you. Unless it is inevitable, please try not to cut down the trees. It takes 3 minutes to cut down a tree, that took more than 30 years to grow. If we don’t give it back to nature, we have no right to expect from it as well.

Well, the above statement was a humble version of saying….

Don’t mess with nature. It can mess with you badly

PS: Excuse me if you find me harsh in this post. I am sure you understand the chain of emotions that I am in while writing this.

– Durga.


Mission “Image Processing”.

Hello Folks,

This holiday reminded my old days when I was crazy about Photoshop and spent much of my free time in practicing Photoshop affects. Now that Photoshop had become one of my necessary softwares to edit the pictures from my cam. A plan had been put up to purchase a new version of CS4 PS, but still negotiating as it is too costly.

Last two days were pretty boring and so I spent most of my time on Web. I was reading too many blogs, especially the controversial series by Chetan Bhagat regarding the latest Bollywood movie 3-idiots.  It was surprising to see Aamir acting little rude (in his words) in the press meet. I’ve never seen him over reacting before the media. On the other hand, I see that all the points raised by Chetan were valid and reasonable. Lets wait and see where this issue ends.

Apart of reading, I was also doing much of photoshop and going through different tutorials on the net. One that impressed me is a blog by Michael Rather. This blog has lot may useful video tutorials which you might want to try. I have seen many tutorials on web which seem very easy while watching but not while implementing. Unlike this, Michael’s tutorials were simple, understandable, and doable.

With time passing on, the technology kept on increasing, things becoming more sophisticated and advanced. When I started getting to know about photoshop (Way back in my college days), I just know it as a tool used by digital photographers and is developed based on Digital Image Processing (My Favorite subject in Engineering). But now, It had advanced way ahead in its abilities. I saw photoshop moving its way from PS 6.0 to CS1 to CS2 to CS3 and finally to CS4. People are now talking about HD Image processing by which an image can have a dazzling dreamy look. Having technology, running like a High-way express, I feel that I am still crawling way behind, like a small tiny snail. I am sure, by the time I get to know what is HD Image Processing, there will be a completely new kind of image processing.

So My dear friends, Don’t crawl like me. Be fast in getting to know ongoing things that suits your interest and get carried away by them. 🙂

Following is the result of one of those Photoshop experiments I did.

Original Photo Taken With My Cam

After Editing

Happy New Year Again. Take Care.

Durga Prasad

Mood: Sitting Very lazy. Searching for new music on internet. Waiting to go out to have a delicious food. Deceived by a Pizza Hut delivery Guy 😦 (which was ordered 4Hr’s back).

Bye Bye 2008. Welcome 2009.

Hello All,

It is just been 2 hours that we entered in to a new year 2009. So, let me wish you all happy and prosperous new year.

Just because we entered in to 2009, we can not ignore the achievements and experiences in 2008. 2008 is been pretty good with me and it gave me much of exposure to lot of things personally and professionally. I would love to thank each and every person that is been so kind to help me grow my character.

2008 started a bit sad for me because of the unexpected performance rating in my profession. The same led me to go to depression for quite some time because of which I  lost the interest almost on every thing during this time. I then started slowly coming out of that mood by involving myself in involving myself in different team related activities. I involved much better in Government Boys Home Activities in 2008 and I hope to improve better in the coming years. Apart of this, I got a better chance to improve my leadership skills by involving in some of the project related activities.

The trek to Nagalapuram is one of the highlights in 2008. I still remember the moment when I was standing on those hills enjoying the fresh/cool breeze from the forest. There are few other outings along with my colleagues which I enjoyed well in 2008. On top of all these things, the important thing in 2008 is that my sister’s marriage got fixed with a very good groom. I hope/wish her married life will go smoothly and happily.

One more important thing to talk in 2008 is my relation with a lovely traditional telugu family that stays in Chennai. I met my 10th classmate’s family here at Chennai in 2007. Starting that time, I became very much close to the two chubby cute twin kids of that family, who literally treat me as a part of thier family. They used to call me frequently and make me smile with their chubby talks.

With this note, I would like to take a break in this first post in 2009.




Durga Prasad