Raged and Helpless for an old Friend.

It was a normal visit to a near by grocery store. Pamphlets claim that it is owned and managed by the farmers of a nearby village. This has been the favorite evening spot for me and my wife lately. Just when I parked my vehicle and about to enter the store, something shocked me with my eyes wet. I don’t see my old friend, where he used to be anymore. Adding to the irony, he has been simply cut off till his feet. I couldn’t see him that way.

He used to greet me with his cool breeze every other evening. He stood tall with his arms open while we (me and my wife) had the delicious Litti Chokhas from the Bihari stall there. He was a healthy and greenish Neam Tree, who stood tall, strong and happy for years. He didn’t come in anyone’s way to build their little revenue generating food stalls. He was humble to everyone. He offered a cool shade to anyone with nothing in return.

He has seen the world changing. He has seen the technology transforming. But, never thought that it would enable a tiny machine to cut him down in less than 2 minutes. He believed in us “the humans”. In the end, we turned out to be inhuman. We have technology. A super advanced one. But, what for?…..if it did not help my friend live his life ?

I went and asked the shopkeeper. He told me that the tree is rotten from inside and had to be taken off. I knew he was telling me a cock-and-bull story. He told that he would get a Singapore Pine tree in that place instead. I still know that he was talking non-sense. I pushed him hard with my questions. Then comes the famous verse that many use as an excuse to not being responsible for the nature.

It’s my tree and I can do whatever with it.

I don’t understand how can one claim the ownership of something that was made by the mother nature. Something that was nurtured in the hands of the mother nature from years. I had to calm down, give up on him helplessly. My friend would have asked me to do so if he was alive.

I was raged. I was angry. I was helpless. I was sad. I thought again and again, what could I have done. I didn’t quite find my answer.

I miss my friend.

The only thing that I could do was to quit going to that shop, ever in my life. That wouldn’t bring my friend back to life. But, its my way of acknowledging how much I care about this nature. The very nature that this mankind has been destroying a bit by bit.

Dear Friends, Here’s my request to all of you. Unless it is inevitable, please try not to cut down the trees. It takes 3 minutes to cut down a tree, that took more than 30 years to grow. If we don’t give it back to nature, we have no right to expect from it as well.

Well, the above statement was a humble version of saying….

Don’t mess with nature. It can mess with you badly

PS: Excuse me if you find me harsh in this post. I am sure you understand the chain of emotions that I am in while writing this.

– Durga.