A Glimpse of my life in US – Part 1

Hi Folks,

Its been ages that I had a look at this space. I am finally back after a very long break posting this from Milford City, Connecticut, US. 🙂 For those who don’t know this yet, I am relocated to US on an onsite assignment.  Started a new way of life here at US. Accustomed to the extremely good environment. Started to understand different things about the culture here.  And of course back to my favorite part time, cooking. Trying different dishes on my friends (I pity em).

The entry to US….

My entry to US was a lucky one with out any pains (I traveled with my manager..).  That was my first travel in an airplane and I was thrilled to see the clouds through the window. It was initially difficult to understand what exactly was I having  in the plane. Was it Breakfast? Wat It lunch? or Dinner ? The way air hostess come to me and say “Here is your Vegetarian Meals Sir”, confused me all the time. I was wondering how she found out that I am a vegetarian.  I had never mentioned it anywhere. I finally asked her a question, for which she clarified that my travel agent did this by default for all the travellers from TCS. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The first impression…..

I reached US sometime in the afternoon and it was very cool breeze that touched my face as I come out of the plane. For the next few days, I was sleeping in Indian sleep times  (which these guys call as Jet-Lag).  The climate was very cool (for me) and I used to wear sweater when I come out. I later realized that those were the hottest days ever in the near past. 🙂 This surprised me one more time in US. As time went on, I got adjusted with the climate and I am not wearing sweater anymore.

The Scenerie’s….

I was extremely thrilled with my first travel to office in my friends (Jaggi’s) car. The roads here are so damn good and are very organized. I liked the traffic maintenance here and the discipline of the car drivers.  The greenery on both the ways is astounding. They give most importance/preference to pedestrians. It is good that The Government cares a lot about people here.

My Apartment…

I lived in two appartments till now. The first one is Robert Treat, which is been a home for all TCSer’s from ages. Other than TCS there are lot many other Indians that live in this place, which make me feel no different from living in India. We recently moved to an Authentic beach-side apartment on Joy Road.  This apartments has an American community. 🙂 I now have a chance to say that I am residing in a beach side apartments where the beach is visible form my balcony, Nice breeze, beach walk, fishing, etc etc had become my favorite part times in the recent past. I simply simply loved the environment that I am currently residing.

The habits….

There were some drastic changes in my habits here. I am no more getting a chance to play my loving game Table Tennis (called as ping pong here). No more GBH and CSR activities. Unable to find a  nice/appropriate place in my apartment to arrange my Puja idols because we all use sandals in the house. 😦 I am living in a double bedroom apartment which just has a single bathroom. To adjust with the office timings, I need to get up sharp at 6.30 AM. Sounds very tough, but I am making it everyday (somehow). No deviations in office timings. Starts sharp at 9.00AM to 6.00 PM.

Will be back with more updates on my activities.

Bye for now,

Durga Prasad Tamirisa.

Mood: Very sleepy, tired. Going to bed after making an unsuccessful attempt to cook Channa Masala. 😦


Journey to United States – A Guide.

My friend, colleague Mr. Katta Chaitanya had recently traveled to Trumbull (Milford, US) for an onsite assignment. After he’s gone there, as an acknowledgment he has sent us a longest mail that i have ever seen in my life. I generally don’t read long mails but as this is from Chaitanya i had to read it.

This mail was very informative and funny. I can imagine him explaining to me with his unique style and expressions (shocking his shoulders all the time). Here goes the mail by chaitanya in his words……

Mail Begins:


I reached to US safely.. The journey was nice. I got a window seat in both the flights.
From chennai to paris.. everything was nice.(cute lady.. Indian food..)
From paris to JFK(NewYork). It was good..(Nice man.. very helping..but no Indian food).

overall..It’s a very nice and a very different experience as everything was new for me..

To start with ..
Luggage clearance is the first activity that happens..Here you will get your boarding pass and immigration form…(Instead of filling I went to my parents and friends to meet bcoz once you go for Immigration clearance you can’t come back..)then comes the Immigration form filling and clearance..that’s it I was all set to board the flight. My Airlines was AirFrance and it was very good.
After the Immigration clearance.. search for the gate number in chennai airport for your respective airlines. for me it was gate6. There was a delay of 15 mins in boarding and 20 more mins for the takeoff (A small girl was crying and was out of her seat.. everyone should be in their seats with seat belts on.. there were 20 flights waiting for our flight to take off 🙂 ).
I boarded the flight and airhostess guided me to my seat#. I sat and was waiting to feel the experience of my first take off. The flight took off and can’t express my experience in words. I was delighted. after half an hour.. they served us food (a kind of breakfast). I was trying to operate the TV(a kind of learning) then had my breakfast and was looking from the window and the Geovision measurements(altitude, speed, # of miles travelled..etc etc).

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